How to find the speed of the movement a formula

How to find the speed of the movement a formula

Different formulas will be necessary for determination of speed of different types of the movement. To determine the speed of uniform motion, divide distance into time of its passing. You find the average speed of the movement addition of all pieces which took place a body, for the general time of the movement. At the uniformly accelerated movement learn acceleration with which the body moved, and at free fall height with which it began the movement.

It is required to you

  • range finder, stop watch, accelerometer.


1. Speed of uniform motion and average to a skorostyizmerta distance by means of a range finder which passed a body, and time for which it overcame it, by means of a stop watch. After that divide the distance passed by a body for the period of its passing, the speed of uniform motion (v=S/t) will be result. If the body moves unevenly, perform the same measurements and apply the same formula - then receive the average speed of a body. It means that if the body on this piece of a way moved with the received speed, it would be time equal to measured in way. If the body moves on a circle, measure its radius and time of passing of a whole revolution, then increase radius by 6.28 and divide into time (v=6.28 • R/t). In all cases the result will turn out in meters per second. For transfer to kilometers per hour multiply it by 3.6.

2. Speed uniformly accelerated to a dvizheniyaizmerta acceleration of a body by means of the accelerometer or a dynamometer if body weight is known. A stop watch measure time of the movement of a body and its initial speed if the body does not begin to move from a condition of rest. If the body moves from a condition of rest, it is equal to zero. After that learn body speed, having added to initial speed performing acceleration for a while (v=v0+at).

3. Speed freely falling telas the help of a range finder measure height from which the body in meters falls. To learn the speed with which it will reach the Earth's surface (without air resistance) increase height by 2 and by number 9.81 (acceleration of gravity). Take a square root from result. To find body speed at any height, apply the same technique, only from initial height, take away current and substitute the received value instead of height.

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