How to fix curve legs?

How to fix curve legs?

Curve legs – a problem from which not only girls, but also men suffer. It is possible to correct it by means of operation, use of the device of Yelizarov and also carrying out exercises and doing massage. Understanding whether it is possible to fix curve legs, It is necessary to tell that the curvature can be a miscellaneous, so allocate three main options:

  1. Curvature letter "O". When the person puts legs together, the divergence begins from a basin and knees are not closed.
  2. Curvature letter "X". Legs meet in knees, and here anklebones disperse in the parties.
  3. False curvature. The similar problem arises when certain muscles of legs are incorrectly developed.

For those whom interests how to fix curve legs in the first two cases, an exit only one – shin bone surgery. In the second case it is also possible to go for operation, but performance of special exercises is an alternative.

How it is possible to fix curve legs?

At once there is a wish to tell that process rather long and it is necessary to make efforts to achieve good results. If legs letter "O", then it is necessary to do the following manipulations every day: get up exactly and try to connect legs. At the maximum tension be late for 10-15 seconds. Every day increase time for a minute. If you have legs of a H-shaped form, then it is necessary to adopt the provision, as well as in the previous option, only try to part legs in the parties.

Exercises how to fix curve legs in house conditions:

  1. Standing directly and having put legs at shoulder length, it is necessary to bend one leg in a knee and to get it back so that foot was as close as possible to buttocks. To help itself a hand undertake a shin. It is important that the front surface of a hip was perpendicular to a floor.
  2. From a standing position take away one leg back and be reluctant the back of fingers about a floor. It is necessary to feel tension. The front leg has to be a little bent in a knee. It is possible to rest hands about a wall to hold balance.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team