How to gather in the drooped stomach?

How to gather in the drooped stomach?

The answer to a question how to gather in the drooped stomach, interests not only women, but also representatives of a strong half of mankind. Usually problems with a figure appear at men after 30 years. In the absence of regular physical trainings of a muscle and skin begin to droop gradually. If improper feeding and systematic consumption of beer is added to it, then very quickly the powerful tummy of which to get rid begins "to decorate" the man happens very not easy.

Many men doubt whether it is possible to tighten the drooped belt. However nutritionists and sports instructors have in this respect definite answer: at the correct integrated approach the man can get rid of the ugly drooping stomach and to become more harmonious and more attractive.

How to get rid of the drooped stomach?

Those men who strongly look for how to tighten the drooped belt have to be ready to what to make it will be difficult. Certain forces and costs of time will be involved. Such tasks enter a complex on improvement of physical shape:

  1. Selection of the correct diet. In a male body excess fat is laid first of all around sides and a stomach. Fat cages can grow indefinitely, turning a body into friable weight. Therefore during the day it is necessary to consume so many calories how many the organism will be able to spend them. Representatives of the professions connected with physical work can eat more high-calorie food. And employees of offices should give preference to vegetable products.

Besides it is necessary to refuse completely fast food, the aerated sweet drinks, greasy food, and, of course, alcoholic beverages and beer.

Each man has to begin day with a big breakfast. The last meal has to be hour for two to a dream and contain the minimum quantity of calories.

It is necessary to consider that food has to be various and contain all substances, important for an organism. Otherwise in an organism the deficiency of necessary substances will be observed that will cause constant hunger.

  1. Increase in physical activities. Many men have the car which deprives of them an opportunity to walk on foot. It is necessary to find time and opportunities for foot walks, swimmings, drivings by bicycle and also sports on the weekend: volleyball, soccer, basketball. Morning exercises and evening walk will increase an expense of calories, will improve blood circulation and will tighten flabby muscles.
  2. Special exercises for various muscles of a press.

Good exercises for the answer to a question how to tighten the drooped belt in house conditions, are such:

  1. Nominative lying on a stomach, it is necessary to rise on hands and to remain in such situation how many there will be enough forces. Muscles of a stomach have to vibrate during performance of exercise from loading.
  2. Nominative standing, legs at shoulder length. It is necessary to do inclinations in different directions, forward and back on 10 times. After that circular motions by a trunk become. For the best result it is possible to use dumbbells or a signature stamp from a bar.
  3. Nominative lying on a back, hands behind the head. We carry out the known movement "velosiped", the press will not ache yet. After that having rummaged a couple of minutes and to repeat approach. In total it is necessary to make three approaches.
  4. Nominative lying on a back, legs are bent in knees. We lift a basin that the body formed a straight line and we are late in such situation for half-minute. We have a little a rest and do two more approaches.
  5. Nominative hung on a horizontal bar. We raise legs and hands up at fast speed. The number of repetitions depends on physical training.

The same set of exercises is suitable also for those who think how to gather in the drooped stomach after weight loss. It is necessary to repeat all exercises so many time how many is forces, gradually increasing loading.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team