How to grow a beard?

How to grow a beard?

Many men believe that the beard is a symbol of courage, sign of belonging to the stronger sex. It is possible both to agree with it and not to agree at the same time, considering, for example, that at the known competition Eurovision the winner too the owner of vegetation on a chin. And yet, the question remains how to grow a beard.

The main thing is to forget about the razor

The basic in business on a beard otrashchivaniye, of course, not to have a shave. About the razor it is worth forgetting even not for a week, and for a month or for a year if the man wants to become the owner of vegetation as at Khottabych.

However, oblivion of the razor - though the main, but not the only measure. Men are interested not only length of vegetation, but its quality. A basic question how to grow good beard. It appears, the quality of vegetation depends on a way of life. The man is obliged to go on a diet with the high content of protein, to be nervous and sleep well less. Protein - the known catalyst of growth. And the dream allows albumens to be acquired quickly and correctly. Experts advise the men dreaming of a dense beard to drink two liters of liquid daily.

If with genetics it was not lucky

At some males the ancestors did not differ in a dense head of hear or at all were bald. Respectively, the artful gene of baldness or a thinning hair was descended. These men dreaming of vegetation in a chin are shipped in the sea of information on how to grow a dense beard. The chance of receiving a solid beard at them is small, but it is. All secret - in biotin. It is a source of the vitamins responsible for skin and hair. So even if the man's head hair liquid or are absent, then a question how to grow a beard if it rare, can be removed. It is enough to get a vitamin complex with biotin and to wait. Only thing but: biotin - substance not selective. Growth of hair will accelerate not only in a chin, but also on other parts of a body. So, the measure is important here.

What to choose?

Before choosing what beard to grow, it is necessary to begin after all process of an otrashchivaniye and to look what from this will leave. Beginners give in without a fight day on the third when the bristle grew noticeably and with it is problematic to go to the administration, and pick up the razor. Part of those who continue to fight for growth of a beard notice that in a week the chin itches. Nothing terrible, it will pass by itself through couple of days.

Hairdressers claim that the answer to a question as it is correct to grow a beard, is rather simple. It needs to be cut in process of growth, having created originally own style. By the way, the correct hairstyle of a beard even at the man with a thinning hair makes a visual impression that vegetation is dense and solid. It is necessary to cut a beard, otherwise the man can be the owner of the same head of hear on a chin, as well as the known pet with horns. And it, to put it mildly, not esthetically. Besides, the hairstyle liquidates the splitting and uneven ends on a beard. If you are afraid to be tonsured, it is better to visit the hairdresser specializing on beards (believe, and such is).

The friend of a beard - thickener

Many owners of a head of hear on a chin know for certain how to grow a beard and to look after her. Good option - thickener purchase. This spray is applied on problem sites where hair the thinnest. At least, visibility will be created that vegetation on a neck and a chin is distributed evenly. Besides it is worth remembering a measure! Otherwise once the man with surprise will find out that his beard is very similar to a lion's mane.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team