How to iron a shirt with a short sleeve?

How to iron a shirt with a short sleeve?

It would seem there is nothing difficult in ironing men's shirt. Only in process you begin to understand that in this case there are nuances which should be considered. For example, as it is correct to iron a shirt with a short sleeve with the minimum expense of efforts and time.

How to iron a shirt with a short sleeve?

To facilitate the procedure of ironing, it is necessary to carry out preparation:

  1. First of all the shirt has to be correctly washed and dried up. Ironing will take place quicker and more qualitatively if fabric slightly the vlazhnovat. If the shirt too dried up that can be felt at touch, fabric needs to be sprinkled evenly from a spray.
  2. It is necessary to look with the next stage at the label to define composition of fabric. For various materials there are various temperature conditions of ironing. The most high temperature is exposed for a flax, is lower for cotton and viscose, silk needs to be ironed on the lowest mode of the iron.
  3. Further it is necessary to solve, than it is better to iron shirts. It is for this purpose better to use the iron and an ironing board. On a question whether it is possible to iron shirts an otparivatel, it is possible to answer in the affirmative, but the special dummy is for this purpose necessary. On a usual hanger the steam iron, even quite powerful, will not give the necessary effect. There can be folds and badly ironed out places.

By good preparation the procedure will not take a lot of time:

  • at first the shirt should be straightened on humeral and side seams;
  • to begin with the right shelf, ironing the main part, and between buttons the iron nose is got;
  • the next stage a back which needs to be spread out accurately to enter the iron to humeral seams and under a collar;
  • then the left shelf is ironed;
  • after that the collar and sleeves is ironed.

Several important nuances:

  1. Shoulders and the central bend of a sleeve for an exception of bends should be ironed on special adaptation or to use the towel folded several times.
  2. Interests many how to iron a shirt collar that it stood. Very simply – at first to carry out by the iron on inside, then to bend and smooth down a top on front.
  3. It is better to iron dark shirts, without using function of an otparivaniye, it is better to apply a usual spray. From openings at an otparivaniye on fabric dry parts of a water deposit quite often get that gives an ugly whitish shade.

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