How to issue research

How to issue research

Research activity of pupils is documented in the form of the report, the paper or the review. Though it can be presented also in the form of the presentation, the working model, model or the video with text maintenance. Anyway at research assessment one of criteria is its registration. Competent representation of material will become pledge of an appreciation of the commission.

It is required to you

  • - computer
  • - the literature used when writing


1. Begin registration title page with the instruction of educational institution in the top field of work. The accurate and laconic formulation of a subject is located in the middle of a leaf. Here the subject and a type of work is specified. Below, with alignment on the right edge, it is necessary to print a surname initials of the head of a research and, directly, its performer. Registration of a cover comes to the end with the indication of the city and year of performance of work.

2. Place the table of contents after the title page, having specified in it all headings and pages of their beginning. Headings coincide with those which are used in the text.

3. Issue introduction, the main text and the conclusion according to the general requirements: 12-14 font size Times New Roman are 1.5-2 line spacing. The main part of research can be followed by illustrations, tables or schemes.

4. Write a short conclusion at the end of each section. Include in it the main theses and the conclusions to which came to time of the conducted researches.

5. Finish research registration by the list of the used literature. For this purpose in alphabetical order arrange sources which addressed in time of writing.

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