How to learn to driftovat?

How to learn to driftovat?

The Drifting is an operated drifts on the car or the motorcycle. Thousands of motorists are interested in how to learn to driftovat if only to contribute an adrenaline share in already habitual and not various driving. In the course of a drifting it is necessary to keep management, at the same time the draft on back wheels has to be lost, and you can be active two things – manual control and gas.


Before starting the description of how to learn a drift, weigh once again all pros and cons:

  • the drifting on streets is illegal;
  • in the course of a drifting you very easily can break;
  • the drifting stimulates destruction of the car – before each occupation you will need full THAT, and replacement of worn-out details will become usual waste of time and money;
  • rear-driven cars are the best options for those who want to learn how to do a drift.


Begin with the simplest – technicians of an entrance to a drift on the emergency brake. For a start, that from the first time not to break a car, practice in open spaces, you will not feel more surely yet.

Further you pass to turn on 180 ⁰ - on the middle of the same, empty, spaces you establish a cone. Getting closer to him on the emergency brake, you do a turn on 180 ⁰ most close to a cone.

Turn on 90 ⁰ - it is unconditional, already next stage of trainings. Learn to carry out it always from that place where began and to finish always in one point. For this equipment you have to own the emergency brake surely.

Bagel - or turn on 360 ⁰. We begin everything as with 180 ⁰, and having begun a drift, we add a little gas to increase turns of wheels. Try to be developed most close to a cone, train this maneuver for and against an hour hand.

If you try very much, but, for some reason, nothing leaves, reduce the car on THAT, perhaps some details are already worn-out, and cannot driftovat properly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team