How to make a chain of improvised materials

How to make a chain of improvised materials

In some cases implementation of physical experiments requires a chain which links have certain sizes and the form. If such chain does not maintain considerable loading, it is possible to make it of usual office paper clips.


1. Prepare necessary quantity of steel office paper clips. They should not be covered with either a decorative layer of other metal, or a plastic cover. Choose the paper clips made of a wire of the required section.

2. Depending on what diameter chain links have to have, divide each of paper clips either into two, or into four identical parts. Use for this purpose only such nippers which are not a pity for spoiling. Calculate length of links by the standard formula: L=πD, where L - the required length of a link, D - the required diameter of a dven. Consider that in reality the distance occupied by a link in a chain will be slightly less than its diameter because the wire has not infinitesimal section.

3. Zaludite all preparations. Steel of which they are made well give in to tinning with use of common neutral gumboil on condition of good warming up. It is not required to apply active gumboil not only, but also it is even impossible - further it can cause corrosion. Not to burn fingers, at first you zaludit a half of preparation, holding the second in small flat-nose pliers, then turn preparation and you zaludit the remained its half. If desired, it is possible to zaludit not all preparation, and only its ends, constraining it flat-nose pliers for the middle.

4. By means of the same flat-nose pliers give to all preparations the desirable form (for example, round, oval, rectangular). Leave small gleams that they could be linked with each other in ready links.

5. Connect links in a chain. Then slightly squeeze them so that in places of pro-soldering there were about two parallel pieces of a wire. Having removed the squeezing effort, make sure that they remained parallel - it will allow to avoid tension which is capable to destroy soldering over time.

6. Carry out pro-soldering of links. Let's a ready chain cool down. Do not subject the made product to considerable loadings and also influence of moisture and other hostile environment.

7. Start use of a chain in installation for carrying out physical experience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team