How to teach the child to write figures

How to teach the child to write figures

At home schooling it is important not to miss such important element of the general development as ability to write figures. As well as in all that concerns training and education of children, approach to this type of study has to be integrated.


1. Classes have to be in playful way and, perhaps, with participation toysof -teachers, toys assistants.

2. Let one occupation last 10-15 minutes, depending on assiduity and the interest of the child. For one occupation it is possible to use 2-3 of below-mentioned exercises.

3. Put the figure printed on smooth paper before the child. Suggest it to circle with a finger several times. Every time accurately give number which the child circles.

4. Take calculating sticks and teach the child to put figures from calculating sticks. Except figures, put geometrical figures, letters, lodges from sticks.

5. Fill a thin layer of semolina on the sheet of paper and suggest to draw to the child of figure on semolina. Instead of semolina it is possible to use color sand for creativity.

6. Use for book classes with figures in which it is possible to draw felt-tip pens, and then to erase drawn. In such grants the child is offered to circle figures on dashed lines. Instead of books it is possible to use also cards with the similar principle of work.

7. Put before yourself and before the child according to an album leaf. Also suggest it to repeat writing of figures after you. Drawing figures along with the child, use the principle of the movement from a point to a point.

8. Taking a small break between writing of figures, carry out finger-type warm-ups.

9. As entertainment use books cliches with figures. They can be used at the initial stage of acquaintance of the child to figures.

10. To keep attention of the child on writing of figures, resort to cunning. Suggest the child to participate in focus. Lay between two sheets a copy leaf (it is desirable color) and when the child stops writing figure, show that she "ran across" also on the second leaf.

11. For training in writing skills it is possible to use various nurseries to mathematics developed especially for training of children in the account in house conditions.

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