How to make live and dead water most

How to make live and dead water most

Curative properties of live and dead water became known for a long time. Such water helps at treatment of some diseases and improves a condition of a human body in general. For receiving live and dead water the modern people use the special self-made device.

Receiving live and dead water

Now for receiving healing water it is optional to look for some mountain sources and reservoirs at all. It can quite be received by means of electrolysis of ordinary tap water in house conditions. From the chemical point of view, water of life has alkaline properties and therefore it excellently heals wounds. And dead water is unique disinfectant as contains acids. When passing through usual water the electric current completely changes its structure.

Respectively, after processing by current water is divided into two fractions. Everyone has certain curative properties. It is usually recommended to use live and dead water in a combination for achievement of the maximum result.

Device of live and dead water the hands

Without effort it is possible to find special devices for receiving the activated water in sale. But such device can be manufactured and independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take a usual glass jar with a cover and to fix on it electrodes by means of nuts and screws. One of electrodes will be the cathode, and another the anode. On a positive electrode there will be a release of dead water. It means that on the anode it is necessary to fix a sack from dense fabric. Coarse calico is ideal for such purposes. The main thing that through fabric normally there passed air. Length of electrodes for a half-liter can should not exceed 100 mm. As electrodes it is possible to use sheet stainless steel. Some even use aluminum electrodes for receiving the loaded water. They have to be fixed on a cover with use of the special isolating laying. For preparation of the activated water it will be required to fill in liquid in a sack made of cloth and to strengthen it on a positive electrode. Then it is inserted in bank with water. It is necessary to consider that water in bank should not reach edge. Usually on preparation of water of life no more than ten minutes leave. Then from banks, electrodes are pulled out and in separate capacity dead water from a special sack pours out to Spill water follows very accurately not to mix the received fractions. For receiving the activated water it is possible to use also a design without sack made of cloth. Then two separate tanks with certain regions will be required. It will be possible to provide electric contact between two tanks when using the cotton plait which is rolled up in a gauze.

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