How to make the electromagnetic field

How to make the electromagnetic field

To make the electromagnetic field, it is necessary to force its source to radiate. At the same time it has to make set of two fields electric and magnetic which can extend in space, generating each other. The electromagnetic field can extend in space in the form of an electromagnetic wave.

It is required to you

  • - the isolated wire;
  • - nail;
  • - two conductors;
  • - Rumkorfa coil.


1. Take the isolated wire with a small electrical resistance, copper best of all will approach. Reel up it on the steel core, the usual nail 100 mm long (hundred part) will approach. Connect a wire to a current source, the ordinary battery will approach. In the conductor there will be electric field which will generate in it electric current.

2. The directed movement of charged particles (electric current), will generate in turn magnetic field which will be concentrated in the steel core, with the wire which is reeled up on it. The core turns a magnet and is attracted to itself ferromagnetics (iron, nickel, cobalt, etc.). It is possible to call the formed field electromagnetic as electric field generates magnetic.

3. It is necessary for receiving the classical electromagnetic field that both electric and magnetic field changed over time, then electric field will generate magnetic and vice versa. For this purpose it is necessary that moving charges received acceleration. It is the simplest to make it, having forced them to fluctuate. Therefore for receiving the electromagnetic field it is enough to take the conductor and to include it in usual household network. But its energy will be so small that will not manage to be measured by means of devices.

4. For obtaining rather powerful magnetic field make the Hertz vibrator. For this purpose take two direct identical conductors, fix them so that the gap between them made 7 mm. It awaking model of an open oscillatory contour, from small inductance and electric capacitance. Attach each of conductors to Rumkorfa coil clips (it allows to receive impulses of high voltage). Attach the scheme to the battery. In a spark interval between conductors categories will begin, and the vibrator will become a source of the electromagnetic field.

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