How to merge electrolyte

How to merge electrolyte

In automobile practice of each driver there comes the moment when using the old, worldly-wise automobile accumulator there is a need to merge the used electrolyte from cans. It is connected with the fact that at the old accumulator plates begin to be showered and for prevention of their short circuit it is necessary to replace electrolyte to add to it operation term. This operation needs to be made with observance of precautionary measures.

It is required to you

  • ware where you will merge the fulfilled electrolyte, rubber pear with a nose of 10-12 cm, clean rags.


1. You put the accumulator removed from the car on a workbench (desktop). Carefully you wipe the surface of the accumulator. You unscrew traffic jams which close banks of the accumulator. Near the accumulator you put ware for discharge of the used liquid. You take rubber pear, you squeeze it, thereby letting out from it the air and you immerse a nose against the stop in bank of the accumulator. When pear restores the initial form, it means that it is filled. Accurately you transfer a nose of pear and by method of expression you exempt pear from the fulfilled liquid, pouring out in ware for working off.

2. You repeat this operation before final drainage of all cans of the accumulator. If you have to fill in new electrolyte, it is expedient to wash banks with the distilled water. For this purpose you gather liquid in rubber pear, you fill each can with the distilled water. After that you twist traffic jams on banks and several times you overturn the accumulator. After that also you choose as rubber pear the used washing. Now you need to fill in the prepared electrolyte with a necessary density in banks. For this purpose you gather fresh solution of electrolyte in pear and you fill banks. They need to be filled in to the lower cut of a mouth. After you fill the accumulator with fresh electrolyte, it needs to be put on charging.

3. In case electrolyte got on open parts of the body, it is necessary to wash the struck place with flowing water and if the scale of defeat small, to smear a burn with sea-buckthorn oil or its substitute. However if the area of defeat is extensive, after obligatory washing it is necessary will address to the burn center where will render you the necessary help.

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