The recipe of forshmak with matzo

The recipe of forshmak with matzo

Forshmak with matzo is the dish of the Jewish ethnic cuisine belonging to the category of cold appetizers. Actually forshmak represents the homogeneous mass reminding paste which dominating component is the salty herring. And matzo is traditional bannocks. The recipe of forshmak with matzo underwent changes for many decades, but its essence remained invariable, it is still tasty and tasty snack.


For forshmak: - fillet of a salty herring – 0.5 kg; - potatoes – 1 kg;

- onion – 3-4 pieces; - egg – 3 pieces; - apples green – 2 pieces;

- vegetable oil – 4 tablespoons; - a desi – 2 tablespoons; - a 9% table vinegar - 1 tsp; - the black pepper ground to taste; - fresh greens for ornament.

Some hostesses instead of potato put the white loaf soaked in milk in forshmak. This matter of taste, but is more logical to use nevertheless potatoes, otherwise snack will turn out too grain (in it there is already a matzo).

For matzo: - flour – 0.5 kg; - water – 200 ml.

Preparation of matzo

Sift flour over a bowl through a sieve and, gradually pouring in it in warm water, knead hard dough. Divide it into parts, the size approximately about walnut. Roll flat cake no more than 1.5 mm thick from each piece. When all flat cakes are ready to pastries, pin them a fork and put to be baked in the oven warmed to 180-200os, literally for several minutes. If you want to bake the real Jewish matzo, note time since that moment as began to pour in water in flour. From this point and before end of pastries there have to pass no more than 18 minutes. Dough shouldn't manage to sour while matzo is cooked. Such is ancient tradition. Ready flat cakes have to turn out dry and fragile.

Preparation of forshmak

Clean and boil potatoes. Cool and grate. Peel onions, small cut. Put a frying pan on fire, pour in it vegetable oil, add creamy and as soon as everything begins to boil, lay out onions. Fry before emergence of golden color.

You can not fry the chopped onions, and use it for forshmak in the raw. In this case snack will turn out rather sharp.

Meanwhile wash up apples, cut them, remove a core and grate. Miss fillet of a herring via the meat grinder or very small knife. Hard-boil eggs, cool and crush (you can also pass them via the meat grinder together with herring fillet). Then place all ingredients in one bowl, pepper and carefully mix.

Formation of snack

By means of a sharp knife cut the roundish edges of matzo, give it the form of a rectangle or a square (however, the recipe allows use and round flat cakes). Further in the center of each flat cake put a portion of forshmak and distribute an even layer on all surface. If you want snack to look more esthetically and attractively, use a confectionery horn through which squeeze out forshmak the beautiful hill. Spread out sandwiches on a flat beautiful dish, decorate with branches of fresh greens. Before giving you can take in the fridge of 15-20 minutes.

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