Useful properties of dates

Useful properties of dates

Dates are the edible fruits of a date palm tree cultivated since the most ancient times. In the east dates are called "life berries" and "desert bread". Thanks to remarkable taste and nutritive properties, they are one of important elements of a diet of residents of many countries of the world.

Advantage of dates

Dates consist on two thirds of carbohydrates, in these fruits there isn't enough water. Proteins, vitamins A, C, E, K, vitamins of group B and minerals are a part of dates: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, iron and also food fibers and pectins. Dates are very sweet and high-calorie product, in 100 g of fruits nearly 280 kcal, and contain in one fruit - about 23 kilocalories. These fruits are very useful to the people weakened by diseases as we are capable to restore energy of the person quickly.

Dates have the toning effect on an organism, they strengthen immunity, take off fatigue, are good prophylactic against cancer. for pregnant womenwomen dates are very useful. As a part of fruits there is a special substance making positive impact on uterus muscles that facilitates process of the birth of the child and reduces bleeding term duration after the delivery. Besides, dates – a source of folic acid which is simply necessary for future mothers. Nursing mothers need to include dates in a diet: fruits enrich structure of milk.

Daily consumption of dates even serves as prevention of many serious diseases in a small amount.

Medicinal properties of dates

Dates have one surprising feature: they contain protein which, as a rule, is absent in fruit. Therefore dates improve processes of cell regeneration, are capable to balance distribution of liquid in an organism. As these fruit contain iron in a large number, they are very useful at diseases of blood and low level of hemoglobin. The calcium and phosphates which are present at dates are irreplaceable elements for maintenance of health of bones and joints. The potassium which is a part of dates affects highly heart and vessels, and iron helps to struggle with anemia. Consumption of dates normalizes work of a liver, kidneys, intestines. These fruits are very useful to nervous system: valuable amino acid – tryptophane is their part, it is a participant of process of production of melatonin and serotonin in an organism which lighten the mood and normalize a mental background.

Dates can be used at sleep disorders as soft sleeping medicine.

The people having diabetes, obesity, chronic diseases of a digestive tract are recommended to use dates in very small amounts.

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