Program of trainings for a mesomorph

Program of trainings for a mesomorph

The mesomorph is an ideal constitution for the bodybuilder. At such people the body consists of muscles and bones, and fat – absolutely a little bit. Mesomorphs are very susceptible to the most various trainings, easily and quickly gather, as well as the weight, and physical force. Let's talk about features of the program of trainings for mesomorphs.

Only a variety

The training for a mesomorph has to dazzle with the most various types of exercises, a variation of weight, stock, duration and complexity of occupations. The reason is simple – they quickly get used to any loading. 4 weeks of a high-intensity training and 2 weeks – the facilitated program will be the most optimal variant.

Trainings on the weight and formation of muscles have to form the basis of physical activity for a mesomorph. Thanks to such occupations, geniuses and legends of bodybuilding are created. Run and aerobic loadings have to be minimized – mesomorphs do not feed urgent need in a zhiroszhiganiye. Especially it concerns run on long distances. The most acceptable duration of jog – up to 30 minutes. The ideal number of jogs – three times a week.

Power trainings

The system of trainings is very specific to a mesomorph and consists of the isolated trainings. That is, about one-two groups of muscles are developed every day. The recommended number of approaches – 8, repetitions – 12.

Muscles of mesomorphs are very sympathetic to programs of trainings on weight, and at increase in force and mass of muscles, the total weight of a body does not change.


Diet for a mesomorph also not from typical. The most enviable is that at excess of fat for 20% of a diet, the mesomorph does not gain excess weight. Also it can "are not afraid" of carbohydrates, and the amount of protein has to be at least 2 g on kilogram of weight.

In bodybuilding consider happiness to be born a mesomorph. However if to go too far and rush to occupations with excessive enthusiasm, it is possible or to bring itself to stagnation, injuries or just quickly to lose interest in sport.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team