The cryosauna - advantage and harm

The cryosauna - advantage and harm

The cryosauna represents the camera in which within thirty seconds there is a cooling of temperature by means of gas from-120 to-160 degrees. The time spent of the person in such camera can vary from 2 to 3 minutes. The number of sessions is selected in each case individually. It depends not only on a kind of a disease, but also on its degree. The advantage of the cryosauna is huge:

  • short-term impact on a human body low temperatures can cure of many illnesses;
  • has the rejuvenating effect;
  • gives a cheerfulness charge for all day;
  • saves from muscle pain after wearisome loadings.

Further we will consider in more detail indications and contraindications of this method of treatment.

Advantage and harm of the cryosauna

The point of short-term low temperature impact on an organism consists in the following: skin vessels are instantly narrowed to preserve heat and after the person leaves a cabin, they will begin to extend gradually. As a result of it the blood-groove increases, there is better food of all vessels and bodies.

Than the cryosauna is useful:

  • allows to get rid of puffinesses, pain in muscles, joints;
  • normalizes a hormonal background;
  • activates work of a hypophysis;
  • stimulates the immune system;
  • promotes weight reduction.

By means of cryotherapy treat the various dermatitis, depressions, asthma, injuries got during sports activities, diseases of joints and vessels, a hypertension, migraine.

But you should not forget also about contraindications. It is impossible to be treated by low temperatures to those who have infectious diseases of integuments, claustrophobia, violation of blood clotting, mental disorders, cancer. It is necessary to hold off cryotherapy also to pregnant women.


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