What insects differ from arachnoid in

What insects differ from arachnoid in

Some living beings living on the planet cause mixed and dual feelings in people. It is possible to carry to their number spiders and insects. Watching behavior of these multi-legged creations very few people notice differences between them. And insects significantly differ from representatives of a class of arachnoid.

Spiders and insects: representatives like arthropods

Differences between the small beings having several pairs of legs are reflected in the classification accepted in zoology. Insects belong to the class of the same name like arthropods. Spiders belong in a class arachnoid and to the same type, as insects. It is necessary to know that not only spiders, but also ticks and scorpions treat arachnoid. But between these animals there is considerable difference in the structure of a body and in behavior.

Today on the planet there are more than forty thousand species of spiders. They can be met almost everywhere. Almost all spiders eat other living organisms, for example insects. But also insects can be seen in all corners of Earth. And the quantity of their types which underwent classification and described in science is about one million.

The science studying insects is called as entomology. Arachnoid other industry of scientific knowledge – arachnology is devoted.

Certainly, both arthropods differ from each other in the structure of internals. But the device of organisms of these babies quite difficult therefore to the person who is not the expert in the field of biology it will be difficult to understand fundamental differences between a spider and, for example, an ant. Therefore it is the most reliable to define whom you met on a forest footpath, it is possible on characteristic external signs.

Difference of spiders from insects

The body of any insect has three main departments: head, breast and also paunch. Eyes of representatives of this class can be different: simple or facet. The oral device also happens several types: pricking, gnawing or licking. One of the most important distinctive signs of insects – three pairs of chlenisty legs which connect to a breast. But there is more to come: some insects have additional useful elements of a body – wings. And here the body of spiders can consist only of couple of departments – a paunch and the golovogrud connected by very thin crossing point. On golovogrud it is possible to notice a small furrow which conditionally divides this part of a body into head and chest. The oral device is located at a spider also directly on golovogrud.

Definitely not to be mistaken, it is necessary to count the number of legs at the small animal who interested you. The spider, unlike an insect, has not three, but four pairs of chlenisty legs.

Insects are almost omnivorous and not especially picky in food. They with pleasure eat parts of plants though they do not disdain also corpses of the relatives. Spiders – thorough predators. Much for certain happened to observe, how skillfully the spider spins the lovchy networks and as patiently waits the next unlucky victim. And most often harmless insects fall prey of the hidden spider. In fight for the right for existence the spider usually wins.

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