What insects treat water

What insects treat water

Many various insects live in fresh waters. Some of them carry out all life, others there – only to stages of a larva, and in process of development pass on air Wednesday.


Water insects possess protection against soaking: their body is covered with a thick layer of pile, a water protective armor or a fat layer. But it does not disturb some finely to fly. 

Water insects have to stock up with oxygen to have an opportunity to live under water. Ways of breath vary depending on a look. Many of water larvae breathe by means of gills – small "bags" under skin. They absorb the oxygen which is in water through the surface of a body. So, this way of breath is characteristic of larvae of a dragonfly and a mayfly. 

Larvae of mosquitoes are in hover under a water surface and receive oxygen from air by means of similarity of respiratory tubes. 

Zhuk-plavunets and a laserwort make reserves of air which they take on a surface, and detain him under wing sheaths or in the fibers covering their body. 


One of bright representatives of water insects. The wingspan of a dragonfly reaches 3 cm. She can be met at coast of the rivers and at clear water. The larva of a dragonfly, unlike an adult individual, lives in water and eats small water insects. She is a predator, as well as an adult dragonfly.  


Quickly floats thanks to the extended shape of a trunk allowing to move easily in water. This predator sometimes hunts also small small fishes. 

Water measure

This water bug extremely slowly moves on a water surface. It has wings and wing sheaths, but flying this insect will not see. Water measure harmless and beautiful inhabitant of reservoirs.


This small bug received the name because of features of movement. Vertyachka moves on a water surface, rotating around himself. These bugs well considerably on water at good weather – they quickly rush, cutting a smooth surface as high-speed boats. There are about 500 types vertyachek, many live in tropical climate. 


This water insect eats seaweed which cleans off by means of front legs. Extremities at a greblyak have the scraper form. This insect constantly lives in water, is active even in cold time, under ice.


Lives in quiet waters, often floats on a convex back. Its back remind oars thanks to which he dexterously scurries about in water. This gluttonous bug a predator also likes to regale on tadpoles, insects and small Crustacea. 

Mayfly (something ephemeral)

Only their larvae live in water. The adult individual lives quite often few hours therefore the insect and received such name. Larvae are in water for 2-3 years. They eat fossils, and serve as a forage for other insects. 


This insect is also called a water scorpion. He has a special silhouette, with the extended trunk and legs. The look he reminds a walking stick. 

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