Tasty dietary desserts without milk, cream and sugar: home-made ice cream

Tasty dietary desserts without milk, cream and sugar: home-made ice cream

It is easy to prepare desserts without sugar independently. Using such sweeties, you will precisely consider how many calories you received, and you will be sure that in structure only ingredients, useful to health and a figure. It is easy and pleasant to lose weight with house sweeties without sugar.

It is required to you

  • - bananas of 2 pieces (it is better to choose very ripe);
  • - coconut – 1 piece;
  • - avocado – 2 pieces (choose pulpy fruits, they riper and gentle on taste);
  • - dates - 2 - 3 pieces;
  • - almonds;
  • - cinnamon.


1. Useful home-made ice cream without sugar can be carbohydrate or fat, depending on what product you will take as a basis.

2. Ice cream on the basis of banana will differ in higher content of carbohydrates and smaller percent of content of fat. Banana won't make ice cream very high-calorie as in 100 g of banana only 90 kcal contain. The advantage of bananas for an organism is undoubted. Banana is a source of potassium, and potassium is a necessary microcell for an organism. Besides, banana is rich with cellulose therefore it improves work of intestines, promotes health and beauty of your skin. Bananas contain iron which is necessary for an organism for maintenance of healthy level of hemoglobin in blood. Also bananas are rich with tryptophane - amino acid which in an organism turns into serotonin, and he, in turn, improves your mood and creates a creative spirit.

3. Ice cream on the basis of avocado will contain very small amount of carbohydrates, but fat percent in it - high. Avocado - very useful berry. It contains mono - and the polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for an organism. As well as banana, as a part of avocado is a lot of potassium and cellulose. Besides, this berry is vitamin-rich K, E, C, vitamins of group B and folic acid. Useful fat of avocado doesn't contain cholesterol. Ice cream from avocado is suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet more, than ice cream on the basis of banana. But a dessert on that and a dessert to regale on it sometimes and in small amounts therefore it is possible to diversify your healthy menu with both types of home-made ice cream.

4. As a part of home-made ice cream the gentle fat component - unrefined coconut oil is obligatory. This oil is very useful dietary product as it improves digestion and accelerates metabolism, prolongs feeling of saturation and supports sugar level in blood, interferes with accumulation of fat in an organism. Coconut oil richly mono - and polyunsaturated fatty acids and also in it is a lot of saturated fatty acids which improve work of a brain (the myelin covering nervous fibers consists of saturated fats). Also this oil accelerates regeneration of cells of an organism (covers of cages represent bisly which is under construction of saturated fats).

5. Other components can be added already to taste, but it is necessary to remember that they increase dessert caloric content. For example, to make ice cream more sweet, it is possible to add date paste to it (100 g of dates contain 292 kcal). For interesting taste it is possible to add almonds (100 g of almonds contain 645 kcal), to strew with cinnamon.

6. So, step-by-step instruction of preparation of useful home-made ice cream.

7. Prepare a basis for ice cream. Take 2 ripe bananas, peel them and cut on pieces. Put pieces in the freezer before complete freezing. If you took as a basis avocado, then the same actions.

8. Prepare coconut oil. It is possible to take it in shop in finished form, but it is better to prepare independently. Take a coco, merge coconut juice, take pulp. Coconut juice can be drunk just like that, it is very tasty and useful drink. Crush pulp of a coco in the blender to a condition of coconut flakes. Then add 1-2 glasses of warm water to the turned-out weight (depending on the coco size), mix in the blender and leave at the room temperature at 3 hours (the white comminuted juice will turn out). Then filter this juice through a sieve. Shaving is required to you later - it can be added to ice cream. Pour the turned-out liquid in a flat wide container and put in the fridge for day. During this time coconut oil will separate from juice in the white very dense weight floating on a surface.

9. Get a basis for ice cream from the freezer and crush it in the blender. Then add coconut oil 2 - 4 of a teaspoon and coconut flakes. For bigger sweet it is possible to add the crushed dates (or date paste). Again mix everything in the blender.

10. Spread out weight in 2 ice-cream bowls and put in the freezer. As soon as ice cream stiffens - it is possible to be treated!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team