What inventions did people invent in vain?

What inventions did people invent in vain?

Throughout the existence the mankind invented a set of improbable, but extremely useful things which changed the world and continue to change it. However on an equal basis with the revolutionary ideas also useless, and sometimes even absurd inventions were repeatedly created.

The strangest inventions

The set of strange devices was recognized as the most unnecessary and useless inventions of 19-20 centuries. So, in 1862 a certain American handyman invented a plow down, having combined the tool of agricultural work with a small artillery piece. With its help any farmer can protect the property in operating time, using kernels or a case-shot.

Not less original adaptation - "the alarm clock with weights" - was invented in 1882. Over the head of sleeping the frame with a set of weights was suspended. The clockwork in certain time dropped them on the head sleeping, and that with guarantee woke up from a weak, but telling blow.

However, the inventor of this alarm clock did not consider that the most inveterate sleepyheads will just get with the head under a blanket and will not feel falling of weights.

In 1903 a certain resident of New York thought up a new way of manner with dead men whom the family does not wish to release in another world. It invented the tight capsule which is in the transparent glass block. Deceased it was literally soldered in the capsule behind glass entirely or in parts and could remain in the house indefinitely in perfect tune.

The most useless inventions

In 1990 the inventor romantic created the so-called glove for lovers representing two gloves connected in one. Having put on this product, couples could hold in cold days hands, however the glove did not get popularity.1995 year presented to mankind the next useless invention – a table fork with the timer. The wonderful device possessed the timer connected to the fork handle which forced the person to chew food exactly 32 times, buzzing and blinking a bulb.

Creators of a fork claimed that it is irreplaceable both during business lunches, and during romantic dinners. The mankind appeared other opinion.

In 1993 the British handyman pleased people with the special portable sitting which is attached to a belt a belt with eyelets. The pillow for a loin could hold two positions – for carrying in the put state and for unfolding of sitting in the situation allowing to sit on it. Besides these inventions, it is also possible to mention a case for banana, a mouthpiece hazardous to health for 10 cigarettes at the same time, slippers mops, four-footed tights, an antigas baby carriage, a cap for beer and a mouthpiece with a mini-umbrella for smoking in the rain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team