What is orchestra seats

What is orchestra seats

The word "orchestra seats" is associated at the ordinary person, first of all, with the theatrical environment. However it has several values from the most various spheres of human life.


According to the theatrical dictionary, orchestra seats – the word having the French roots means a tier, a row of chairs or sofas belonging to the first floor of the hall. It is intended for accommodation of the audience in space from a scene or an orchestra pit to a zone of a modern amphitheater.

The first mentions of orchestra seats in the form in which they meet today, appear in the seventeenth century, their emergence was connected with universal class division of theatrical zones. In an orchestra seats zone on standing places the lowest estate accommodated, as a rule, the nobility preferred more remote places on the balconies and in beds. And only the democratic ideas of the French revolution promoted the equipment of orchestra seats the convenient chairs symbolizing the equal rights for all people.

The modern orchestra seats are designed so that all visual places of a zone were convenient and comfortable for viewing representation for this reason the level of orchestra seats increases from front chairs to back. According to researches, the chairs of a seventh row having the central position are considered as the most favorable places in terms of acoustic and visual perception.


Not all know that classical flat park platforms with the beds located on them, fountains, sculptures it is also accepted to call orchestra seats. The similar park orchestra seats can have very difficult and serious landscape architecture. And the tradition of such arrangement of regular parks for the first time arose in Renaissance of the 15th century. The solemn and grandiose, divided by florid paths, decorated with refined short-haired lawns, which beauty and complexity of forms can be estimated from the top floors of the estates adjoining similar orchestra seats, the equipped with the central basins, sculptures, various garden furniture, park orchestra seats strike with the beauty and magnificence. Gazebos in such intricate organization of space are placed in a far corner of a garden which does not assume powerful and high brick walls, easy wattled obstacles - here that is necessary to give the chance to the numerous audience to watch beauty of the platform from outside.

Martial arts

The word "orchestra seats" found the application also in martial arts. In fight, for example, orchestra seats it is accepted to call special position of opponents on the relation to each other when one of them is in a prone position or is kneeling, leaning both hands against a carpet.

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