What is prospect

What is prospect

"Prospect" – it the word came from the Latin word perspicio that means "clearly I see", and is the system of the image on the plane of volume bodies. At the image in the long term it is necessary to consider, as well as remoteness of separate parts of a body from the observer, and their spatial structure.

The emergence a concept the prospect is obliged first of all by development of optics. And also development of various art forms, such as architecture, theater, circus, graphics and, of course, painting. For a long time people noticed the phenomena in which the prospect was shown. In art of Ancient Greece the manifestation of standardization of space by means of this optical phenomenon is widely known. Artists of the ancient East created a number of receptions for assessment of a relative positioning of objects. It was shown in creation of a contrast combination of profile and frontal types.

The first rules of prospect became known to mankind from the treatise "Optics" written by the Greek mathematician Euclid in the 6th century BC. In Renaissance the theory of linear prospect was open and developed. This opening allowed to turn the plane into open deep space. There was an opportunity new means to give feeling of boundlessness of space, plasticity and dimensions of forms, to achieve material ponderability of the represented objects. In this case it is worth remembering air prospect which is called sometimes fog. A problem of air prospect to increase feeling of range, to serve as a distance indicator, created by linear prospect.

The term "prospect" has wide use and in geometry. It is the way based on application of the central design for the purpose of obtaining the image of figures. In this division of science one is considered - two- and three-point prospect. In daily informal conversation the term "prospect" is used as a synonym of the word "forecast", "opportunity" and "future". Headings of newspapers dazzle with articles devoted to prospect of family life, prospect of meteoric career, prospect fantastically to grow rich and so on. In social and philosophical literature it happens to face expression "social prospect" that the attempt of interpretation of social reality means - to understand society in its integrity.

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