What rubber is better for the summer?

What rubber is better for the summer?

With approach of hot season many think of what rubber it is better to take for the summer. A lot of things depend on a right choice of tires and first of all it concerns controllability and good coupling. Correctly picked up rubber will allow to control the speed, fuel consumption, well and, of course, will ensure safety. When choosing it is worth being guided by climatic conditions of the area, that is whether there is often a rain or weather droughty. The quality of a paving is not less important.

What rubber is better for the summer?

Considering the important conditions considered earlier it is necessary to pay attention to some characteristics of tires:

  1. Drawing of a protector. Good rubber for the summer has the asymmetric drawing. In case often it is necessary to go in the rain, then it is recommended to stop the choice in the drawing with drainage channels. For this purpose it is worth looking for such marks as Rain or Aqua. Tires with the V-shaped drawing are suitable for an arid climate.
  2. Standard size. It is important to understand what profile of rubber is better in the summer as the quality of driving depends on it. Tires should not be too wide, otherwise it is necessary to face two problems. First, load of drives and also the checkpoint increases that leads to the fact that more fuel is spent. Secondly, the speedometer will show the wrong value, and the value will be intends to decrease.
  3. High-speed characteristics. There are tires intended for the different high-speed mode. Surely consider it as in summertime the speed of the movement increases.
  4. Wear resistance. This parameter directly influences the cost of tires therefore it is worth choosing it, being guided by a paving. If most often it is necessary to go by soft dirt roads, then purchase of wearproof rubber, it is just waste of money. For comfortable driving on asphalt and concrete it is important to have quality wearproof rubber.
  5. Noisiness. At fast driving also the noise published by wheels directly increases. For the most silent driving it is necessary to choose tires with the asymmetric drawing.
  6. Profitability. If there is a wish to buy the best rubber for the summer, then it is important to consider this parameter. More and more producers produce economical rubber thanks to which it is possible to save up to 5% of fuel. It is provided thanks to the low resistance to swing. For this purpose it is worth looking for marking of Economy or Fuel saving on tires.

Finding out what silent rubber approaches for the summer better, it is worth paying attention to both the most popular and qualitative brands. For drawing up rating various tests, reviews, well were carried out and, of course, responses of consumers are considered.

Goodyear company. In this line it is worth paying attention to the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 model which can brag of excellent coupling with expensive, good wear resistance, the minimum level of noise and also technologies of active braking were applied to it. Still it is worth paying attention to the HydraGrip model with the directed drawing of a protector that allows to reach good stability when driving on the wet road.

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