What rubber to buy for the summer?

What rubber to buy for the summer?

Many motorists would like to know what rubber will be most reasonable to be bought for the summer, it is very dangerous to trust opinion and councils of sellers in this question, everyone will just praise the goods. Not to get confused in assortment of outlets, take advice of experienced mechanics and drivers.

How to choose rubber for the summer for a car?

First, be guided by climatic conditions, more they will influence what rubber to choose for the summer. For example, if from June to September in your region constantly there are rains and a roadbed is more often wet, than dry, it is necessary to get model with protectors and the water taking away system, otherwise coupling with the road will be, to put it mildly, bad.

Secondly, look at technical recommendations to the car, they are specified in documentation which you received at acquisition of the machine. There it is surely specified what tires of a standard size it is possible to use, violate these requirements it is impossible as coupling with the road will be low and it can affect fuel consumption and integrity of other systems of the car not in the best way.

Thirdly, surely attentively examine the drawing of a protector, of course, if you are forced to go constantly on roads, wet from a rain, then it will be rather high. But if do not cost such problem, it will be more reasonable to choose so-called V figurative option, such models by right are considered as the most silent rubber for the summer.

And, at last, do not buy model of tires which do not correspond to indicators of your car. For example, many drivers buy those models which are intended for high-speed cars whereas their cars those are not. Making such choice, you just waste rather considerable sum of money, such tires are far more expensive than usual.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team