Whether it is useful to drink a lot of water?

Whether it is useful to drink a lot of water?

All know that the human body mostly consists of water from anatomy lessons. But here in why it is useful to drink a lot of water, know the few. Among professional coaches on fitness and other sports there is a rule "8 glasses". It means that to the adult, especially at active physical activities, it is necessary to drink such amount of water in day. And it concerns pure not aerated and not boiled water.

Whether it is useful to drink a lot of water?

The need for drinking water depends on many factors:

  • climatic conditions and season;
  • sex;
  • body weights;
  • level of physical activities.

In cold season the organism needs less moisture, than during the hot period. However it does not mean that it is possible to refuse absolutely the use of water and to pass only to tea or coffee. If you paid attention to dryness of skin or fragility of hair in the winter, then it is a sure sign of the fact that the body lacks moisture.

The daily amount of necessary water depends on a floor and the weight of the person. Men owing to bigger body weight need to drink not less than 2 l of water a day. On average 30-40 g of liquid on 1 kg of weight are necessary.

Than it is useful to drink a lot of water in day?

As it was already noted, at organism dehydration first of all skin, mucous membranes and hair suffers, but in addition the lack of moisture affects also work of internals. To understand, than it is useful to drink a lot of water, it is necessary just to understand where its main part contains in an organism. Water makes a considerable part of blood, intercellular and intracellular liquid.

At deficiency of moisture blood pressure is broken, oxygen food of tissues of muscles and the nervous terminations decreases. From there is a weakness, breakdown, decrease in concentration of attention, such symptoms as irritability, alarm, depression, tachycardia and breath can be shown.


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