Who such puritans?

Who such puritans?

That it is deeper to understand who such puritans, it is necessary to sort in the beginning that means the word of "puritans". In translation from Latin its value is treated as "true", "clean".

In the Middle Ages the word "puritan" carried deeper value. So, puritans called fanatical church reformers who made all the efforts for clarification of church from shortcomings (according to them) Catholicism.

Way of life of puritans

For the typical puritan characteristic following traits of character: severity of temper, asceticism in living conditions, diligence, ability to think soberly. What is important, in all conflict questions such person addresses for the decision the Bible.

As it was possible to understand from the description above, strict concepts and the bible principles impose to puritans quite limited way of life, and any derogation from it is considered sinful and immoral. Standards of morality were always put above all.

Ideology of puritans

What means to be moral for the puritan in what it is shown? They were against any intervention of church and the state in religious life of community or individual. Their behavior is based on sincere belief in rescue of the soul.

Only worthy sense existence consists in finding of personal happiness. The family is the central institute of private life.

Puritans respect general literacy as it helps to join the Word of God. In family adhere to equality women's and male. Tolerantly treat other forms of religion.

Influence of puritans on political convictions

What is interesting, puritans were not furious adherents of the fact that all have to adhere to one religion. For them it was more main the fact of a confession, that is, clarifications by the person of the soul and recognition of perfect sins.

Such liberal behavior received the influence on the fact of development of independence of some countries. People began to understand that it is necessary to respect not only own freedom, but also beliefs of others.

The Protestantism of subjects also differed in Po utverzhdeniyu de Tokvil from Catholicism that called more for independence, but not just to equality.


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