Winter swimming - advantage and harm

Winter swimming - advantage and harm

Now many people try to lead a healthy lifestyle, it not only is fashionable, but also it is reasonable, the person himself is responsible for the health. But not to make mistakes, let's understand what advantage and harm winter swimming can do, and we will define whether it is worth being engaged in similar procedures.

Advantage and harm of winter swimming for men

Some men perceive this procedure as a certain test of own forces, but such approach is extremely not safe. Therefore, the advantage of winter swimming for men, of course, is, but only if to treat this process as the serious action demanding special preparation.

So, if the guy decided to be engaged in similar procedures, he can:

  1. To strengthen the immune system;
  2. To raise an organism tone;
  3. To become tempered.

But it is necessary to remember that diving in cold water will not be able to save the person from those diseases which already it has and also does not guarantee that the man more in life will never be ill.

Advantage and harm of winter swimming for women

Women have to approach more attentively a question whether begin to be engaged in similar procedures, than guys. The fact is that female body more can suffer from overcooling. Even presence of insignificant inflammatory process at the girl can provoke a serious disease if to dive into ice water.

Of course, it is possible to strengthen immunity in such a way, but to begin to be engaged in it it is possible, only if the woman is completely healthy. Therefore it is necessary to undergo full diagnostics at the doctor, and only then to start trainings.

The girl practicing dipping in an ice-hole can strengthen immunity, raise a tone of an organism and even to get rid of uneasiness and insomnia. Nervous system becomes stronger thanks to winter swimming, so, the woman can quite become happier and react to a stress less if is engaged in similar procedures.

So, summing up the short result, one may say, as men and women can bring benefit to the organism if are engaged in diving in ice water. But, it will occur only if previously to undergo inspection and to get permission of the expert to such trainings and also to carry out certain rules.

Safety rules

That winter swimming brought only benefit, surely carry out several rules:

  1. Begin hardening of an organism gradually. It is not necessary to be dipped for the first time into an ice-hole, it is necessary to conduct at first a douche course cold water. The first that should be made, it to begin to take a contrast shower, gradually doing water is colder and colder. Then it is necessary to pass to douches from a bucket with ice water and only after the organism gets used, it is possible to start divings in an ice-hole.
  2. The first time, being dipped into ice water, it is impossible to move more than 60 seconds there. This rule needs to be carried out both in the second and for the third time.
  3. It is not necessary to be engaged in similar procedures if the person badly feels, there is a wrong opinion that flu and catarrhal diseases can be cured, having plunged into an ice-hole. But not so, on the contrary, it will only provoke development of an illness and can lead to serious problems with health.
  4. It is necessary to undress on a frost quickly, and it is necessary to begin process from below. Begin to put on, on the contrary, from above.
  5. And, of course, for dipping choose places which are specially equipped for this purpose. You do not carry out the procedure in loneliness and in alcohol intoxication, it can lead to accident.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team