Motivation for weight loss

Motivation for weight loss

Any operation which is performed by the person always can be explained with motive to this action. More difficult when we understand that we have to make something, but it is rather heavy for us. Here then we look for strong motivation for action. Weight loss and giving of beauty and appeal to our body – heavy long work. And if we decided to choose this path, we surely need motivation for weight loss.

The reasons why it is better to be the slender person, than full it is possible to find great variety, and here is how to motivate itself on weight loss – other question. The incentive for weight loss has to be so strong that it warmed up us every day and every minute. If we do not enough find for ourselves motives, then we will stop halfway, and it is even worse as extra kilos not only will return, but also will double. That is to begin to grow thin, without having created itself very strong incentive not only it is senseless, but also it is dangerous to appearance and health.

So, how to motivate itself on weight loss?

To begin to grow thin and go on a diet, you can apply such motivation as the detailed list of your "not contents" and unpleasant situations which happened to you.

Take a clean sheet of paper and register such parties of your life as:

  1. Private life. Do you love and are loved? If yes, how your soulmate treats you – what she thinks of your figure? If is not present whether then you want to find love, to start a happy family? Of course, soul in the person the most important – and it has to be fine. But nevertheless, any person, getting acquainted and falling in love, first of all looks at appearance, a figure, appeal.
  2. Health. Whether many affairs in a day you manage to make? Whether easily you walk on the 5th floor upstairs or uphill? Whether you feel an otdyshka or whether you suffer from high pressure? Would you like to have light step? To wear high-heeled (if you the woman)? To do interesting active sports?
  3. Self-assessment. When do you go to shop behind clothes whether you can try on everything that you want? When last time did men give you compliments? When the last time did you try to catch on yourself a delighted look of an opposite sex?

But the list of "troubles" – that is not all. To strengthen in you desire to make slender a body, it is necessary to motivate itself constantly, to grow thin, get rid of superfluous and ugly, to keep to a diet, not one day is necessary.

The best motivation for weight loss are you … from outside! For this purpose it is enough to you to take several pictures and to hang them on the house. It is desirable to dress something fitting, it is not necessary to hesitate of these photos, you do them constantly to induce to work on yourself and the (already almost ideal) body.

In few months of healthy nutrition (you should not go on hungry diets without supervision of professional doctors in this area) and surely physical activities photograph yourself again and hang up near old the photographer


And when on the street, houses or at work with surprise (envy or delight – it is not important!) will notice that you became more tiny and more attractively, then all above motivations to you will not be important for weight loss any more.

You create the diary of success and beauty, write down all compliments given you there and enjoy work on your figure. Also derive pleasure from "harmonious" life!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team