Words passwords for subconsciousness

Words passwords for subconsciousness

The doctrine about words passwords became result of long-term researches of James T. Mangan in the sphere of subconsciousness. These words are peculiar installations which help to carry out reprogramming of subconsciousness and to lead it to cooperation with consciousness. Every day the person comes up against situations when the reason understands need of certain actions, but the body does not want to make them. Words passwords for subconsciousness are designed to remove this conflict.

Words for subconsciousness

That interaction with subconsciousness joined, it is necessary to tell at the beginning of a phrase the word "together", and at the end – "now". Passwords of subconsciousness are called still svitcher. Phrases with passwords of subconsciousness need to be said several times. The more often this technique is used, the quicker and easier the subconsciousness begins to obey.

For example, if the person hurries somewhere or wants to think up something new, he needs to use the word "forward". Thus, all phrase will look so: together forward now.

  1. For those who want to leave off smoking – "to consider".
  2. For those who to seek to get rid of bad habits – "away".
  3. For those who need to adapt or perform the hard work – "adapt".
  4. For the finding lost – "to find".
  5. For extension of youth – "knowledge".
  6. If it is necessary to win – "fight".
  7. For timely performance of work – "is made".
  8. For abstention from unnecessary – "end".
  9. For strengthening of will power – "is made".
  10. For finding of success – "patience".
  11. Not to take offense – "thanks".
  12. To cure diseases and wounds – "".
  13. For bigger vigor – "move".
  14. For increase in ability to belief – "include".
  15. To be pleasant for people around – "praise".


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