10 most attractive men in world politics

10 most attractive men in world politics

In the history there are a lot of examples when the politician gained a victory on elections thanks to the appearance: the female part of voters voted only on this basis. Now little changed - handsome men in policy are subjects to close attention.

Emmanuel Macron

In 2017 in France the youngest president in the history of the Republic - Emmanuel Macron who entered on a post in 39 years was elected. He was not only is young, but also is good himself that, certainly, gave it odds on elections. The pretty candidate allowed to attract audience of 20-year-old: this category of the population is extremely seldom shown civil activity. During the election campaign Emmanuel reminded the startup from Silicon Valley advancing the next innovative project more. However, exactly from it also wait for it - a country conclusion to new level. 

Gabriel Vikstryom

Love for sports in Sweden - on a maximum, and handsome Gabriel Vikstryom - its excellent embodiment. The Minister of Sport and health care entered a position in 29 years, record for world politics, to this day perfectly copes with the duties, setting an example to the younger generation. Gabriel is famous for the support of youth. For example, a few years ago he went against the management of the party, having put forward at a party congress the idea of introduction of a 90-day guarantee for jobless youth. As a result the bill was adopted, and Vikstr got strong national support.

Kakhaber Kaladze

In 2017 on a post of the mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze - one of the most magnificent and sexy men of Georgia was chosen. At the time the GQ magazine called him "the most stylish mayor of the world". Came to Kaladze's policy not at once. He became famous thanks to the football career: by 37 years he managed to play in Kiev and Tbilisi Dynamo and also in the Italian clubs Milan and Genoa. Despite the male appeal Kakhaber is known as the exemplary family man as his spouse Anuki Areshidze - the real icon of style in Georgia. 

Zac Goldsmith

The member of the House of Commons of Great Britain from Conservative party - the personality very peculiar. Very few people from politicians manage to combine the main work with deep immersion in yoga and spirituality, and at Goldsmith it turns out brilliantly. The politician is famous the for care of the environment and serious ecological projects. 

Pedro Sanchez

Well how not to agree with the myth about beauty of the Spanish machoes if in this country and the king - one of the most attractive monarchs in the world, and the new prime minister - the real sex symbol? 46-year-old Pedro Sanchez for the first time was in the history appointed to a post of the head of the Government of the country without popular vote as the previous prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, was convicted of corruption. However, the people hardly against such decision: the new leader not only is good himself, but also is very ambitious. For several months of the work he considerably changed the structure of the government, having given the most part of positions to women. Sanchez is aimed at innovations and breakthrough technological development of Spain. Besides, expect the constructive decision from the young politician after dragged on to Catalan crisis. 

Aaron Shok

It is difficult to believe that the politician with similar appearance personifies the nation for which obesity - a problem of the state scale. The member of Republican Party of the USA, the former congressman repeatedly admitted the sexiest politician of the States, and is quite deserved. Unfortunately, directly the policy did not bring to Aaron regalia. The congressman only sadly became famous for the homophobic position and corruption scandals. 

Justin Trudeau

He puts on amusing socks business meetings. He carries out yoga asanas directly in the middle of a conference room in front of colleagues. It conducts personal Instagram where posts the sweetest photos with children, dogs and even pandas. Justin Trudeau - not only handsome. he is just cool! Quite so considers most of Canadians who really love the prime minister. The young politician not just builds a beautiful public image, he is famous also for the political cases. For example, he did not follow the tastes of the USA and said that the Canadian army will not be involved in the military operation against ISIL (is banned in the Russian Federation) in Syria and Iraq, at the same time keeping humanitarian aid to these countries. 

Enrique Peña Nieto

The former president of Mexico - a figure ambiguous. In the country he is considered the strong politician who made outstanding career from the chief of staff of economy to the first person of the state. However during the entire period of presidency of Nieto his private life was full of scandals and tragedies. In 2007 from epilepsy the politician's spouse died. Some was made cruel attempt at the president's children a time later therefore four bodyguards died. Plus to everything, the lady-killer Henrique honestly confessed to numerous unfaithfulness to the spouse, than considerably undermined loyalty of a female part of voters

Antero Vartia

It can be taken for the model or the Hollywood actor easily. Partly it indeed: behind Andrea Vartia's shoulders nondurable career in cinema and on television. A few years ago he was a co-host of a social TV show "Find the family". Now Andrea is a member of the Finnish party of social liberals Green League and does prompt career in the government of the country.

Sheikh Hamdan ibn Mohammed Al Maktoum

This young man - the embodiment of a female dream of east prince. The chairman of executive council of Dubai not only is good himself, but also is an owner of a mnogmilliardny state. At the same time Hamdan uses all this only for the good. The crown prince seriously does charity work, devotes much time to social policy. Besides, he has many worthy hobbies from a falconry to equestrian sport. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team