To what term it is better not to speak about pregnancy

To what term it is better not to speak about pregnancy

When also to whom to speak about pregnancy – couple has to solve, but the last word always remains for the woman. If the pregnant woman does not want to report about the future replenishment, it is worth accepting her opinion as unique. It will allow to preserve the peace in family and rest of future mother. Doctors advise to hold off a talk about pregnancy and not to inform people around – everything will become already clear soon.

The first 12 weeks – the most dangerous. During this period the organism itself can reject a fruit, often there are involuntary abortions. Therefore you should not hurry with a talk and furthermore with acquisition of inheritance to the kid. The fact is that if the fruit is not full-fledged, there was a mutation or other violations – the female body can make the decision independently. How was to take hard it, but sometimes is really more visible to an organism. Think, it is easier to endure this moment independently or with the psychologist, than to accept often inappropriate words of support. Besides, throughout a long time you will be asked about health, reminding of an abortion even more. Though most often pregnancy proceeds safely, It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell about it after 12-14 weeks.

When to tell relatives

To what term not to speak about pregnancy to relatives and close people, depends on relationship in family. If good relations – safely organize a celebration and solemnly congratulate parents that they will become grandmothers and grandfathers soon. In case the relations leave much to be desired – do not report as long as possible. It will allow to avoid estimates, charges and other frustration which can negatively refuse on the course of pregnancy and health of the child.

With whom and when to share joy – to choose to you. To whom to tell mother or the best friend in the beginning – too your decision. To avoid offenses, after the delivery it is possible to tell that there were fears concerning pregnancy or you decided to make everything a pleasant surprise.

What to tell employer

You, most likely, already know about the relation of the employer and to pregnant womento employeesthe group. If at work in every possible way restrain pregnant women – hide as long as possible. It is ideal if you go on maternity leave, having been on vacation. Sometimes it is possible to ask the therapist to write out the sick-list, having told about the situation. You were lucky, and the administration is kind to pregnant women – report after 12-14 weeks. It will allow the management to find replacement, to optimize working process and to lead you to a maternity leave with clear conscience. Neighbors, friends and all that with whom you are unfamiliar in general should not report about pregnancy, learn when see your growing stomach. Pregnancy is a sacrament, and if you do not want that you were disturbed on trifles under a good pretext, it is better to speak about the situation as seldom as possible.

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