10 qualities of strong women which men cannot resist

10 qualities of strong women which men cannot resist

During a feminism era the strong women cause admiration and desire to imitate them. However, some features of their behavior frighten men therefore they avoid these ladies. And at the same time the independent, sure girls knowing the own worth have the whole set of qualities which the stronger sex cannot resist.

Love for the body

Strong women love and care for the body, fully realizing communication between sincere and physical harmony. They will not begin to think out justifications for the addictions, and will call to the aid will power to leave fast food and hobby for doubtful diets.

Besides, the reverent attitude to health and a figure is inseparably linked with love for sports. But owing to differences in temperament or character not all suit visit of gym and group occupations. Someone will tell another to himself that for this reason the sport does not suit it, but the strong woman so just does not give up. Considering a modern variety fitness of programs and also other types of physical activity, it will surely find work to liking.


Continuing an appearance subject, it is worth noticing that the strong woman between ten cheap objects of clothes and one expensive, qualitative thing will always make a choice for the second option. Such purchase, as a rule, is practical and has the corresponding appearance which favourably distinguishes it from clothes from a sale. And the choice of natural and safe cosmetics – one more manifestation of care of appearance and health even if for it it is necessary to pay higher price.

Ignoring of an age framework

Anyway, the person tries to correlate the acts to biological age. However counting of the lived years is not capable to bring it satisfactions with past life if not to make additional efforts for it. Therefore the strong woman builds the happiness already today, without limiting it to an age framework which will bring long-awaited freedom and an opportunity to arrive how long there was a wish.

Honesty in relation to

The strong woman is not afraid to recognize the shortcomings. She quietly accepts the fact that it is not ideal, as well as other billions of people on the planet. It concerns not only appearance. The strong woman is deprived of illusions in the aspiration to be in time all. Especially, when it comes to such extremes as family and career. Therefore, having chosen for itself any given option, it will not begin to suffer a remorse that other sphere of life remained not covered. The strong woman will be proud of the achievements and, quite possibly, to turn into object of admiration for the environment even if she has set of the blank vital gaps.

Ability to dispose of the time

Time – an irreplaceable resource which every day is lost irrevocably. Therefore the strong woman tries to use reasonably the time to be in time important issues and to keep the moments for pleasures. Thus she maintains vital balance.

Good self-assessment

In the world of the Internet and social networks it is very easy to begin to doubt himself, observing what progress other people try to obtain. But understating of own merits – not destiny of strong women. They perfectly know about the advantages and advantages. Those who only follows a way of finding of self-confidence will be helped well by exercise in which it is necessary to write down in detail own skills on paper. As a last resort, it is possible to ask for the help friends if you are too self-critical. But, having studied this list, you will feel inflow of pride and self-confidence at once.

Independence of others opinion

Only the weak personality follows the tastes of others opinion to the detriment of herself. Especially, getting rid of public pressure, the person learns to be responsible for the life independently. Independence not only is attractive in the opinion of people around, but also brings huge satisfaction when your own purposes and plans yield good results.

Ability to get rid of toxic people

During study or at work as everything it is necessary to communicate with different people, and not always this interaction leaves a pleasant impression. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to change a situation in these cases. And here the choice of a personal environment – quite another matter. And while someone continues to stand near himself toxic people, strong women without regret exclude them from the circle of contacts. The negative emotions connected with break in relations do not cost constant discomfort which is brought by similar copies.

Refusal of a role of the victim

When the person fails, he can begin to look for guilty persons, trying on on himself a role of the victim. The self-assessment, certainly, suffers from it. The strong woman acts differently. Having analyzed bitter experience, she will consider the made mistakes and will just try once again.

Ability in time to take a break

Nothing so helps the person with achievement of the goals as timely rest and reset. The good mood and health are already enough to pull up trees. Therefore strong people dare to relax and have a rest a little when they feel in it requirement. As a temporary respite the favourite hobby, a long dream, a temporary privacy, change of a situation and many other things will approach. The main thing in rest – improvement of physical and mental health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team