10 things which are loved by women, though do not admit

10 things which are loved by women, though do not admit

Sometimes girls behave is unpredictable and is mysterious. Inconsistency of some female acts speaks simply: there are things which women do not want to admit.

There are several things which women love, but do not declare it openly. Some girls are afraid to find the weaknesses or to seem thoughtless, others also do not notice for themselves a part of addictions. There are women who seek to seem better, than they are actually, to show will, independence and self-confidence. In practice these qualities can be not so developed. And girls, of course, have hidden weaknesses.

When the man takes all responsibility

Some modern women seek to control everything. They I am not able to delegate and release a situation. They are sure that nobody is better to cope them. But, having met the reliable man who will not forget to execute an important assignment, will undertake a burden of responsibility and will become a notorious "stone wall", such ladies with relief exhale. One of sometimes carefully hidden female weaknesses – to hand over the reins to the man, to trust in him and to cease to control everything.

To present itself in the clip to the sound of music

Listening to favourite songs, girls can imagine themselves heroines of clips or directly performers. Here they model gait go against wind, and beautifully blows off their hair back. Or they go to a decline in a cabriolet, sing before the huge hall, act in a romantic scene with handsome. It is awkward to admit such a little children's dreams, however thirst for a public statement, demonstration of the beauty and calling of delight can be inherent in women at any age.

To dream of other men

Whatever strong the love union was, the woman is capable to represent secretly herself with other men. It can be the real person, the character of the movie, a world star or at all the historic figure. Girls do not hurry to admit such weakness to the partner.

To gossip

Some girls just adore communicating with girlfriends, colleagues and just familiar. These data can sometimes be unchecked. So what? It one of female weaknesses – to savor details of others life. Not always "to gossip" means badly to speak of someone. It even simple discussion of people behind their back.

To edit the photos

The selfie can turn out successful, but the photo editor can always improve it. Some women do not admit what all the photos process before laying out in social networks. Perhaps, the fashion, but use of filters – one more secret weakness of girls is guilty of it.

To be the most beautiful in the company

To be a star of a party to which all men's all eyes are attracted, to be in the flower of beauty, youth, a charm – a dream of some women. Women can constantly compare themselves to others even if not competitors.

To cry under sad movies

Sometimes women hide that they it is crazy about melodramas. They like to cry over a plot and obstacles which fall to lot of the main character of the movie. Sometimes girls need to have a good cry. It is so best of all to cry over fictional grieves, than because of own problems. And this hobby was included in the list of the hidden weaknesses because some men do not respect cinema in such genre at all, consider sugary or snotty.

There are sweets

The woman can be the ardent fan of healthy nutrition, buy only eco-friendly products, care for a figure, replace wheat flour and sugar with components, safe for weight, but all the same can pull them on sweet. Especially it is relevant to start the menstrual period. Some girls are sweet teeth and hide it.

To outdo former

The girl can sometimes become more successful, rich, harmonious and beautiful only to salt to the ex-boyfriend or the husband. The purpose is to show how he was wrong, having missed such treasure. Of course, it is sometimes awkward to admit such low thoughts and pathetic motivation.

Views of other men

Girls can roll up as much as necessary eyes, showing irritation from the next persuasive manifestation of male attention, but at the same time to feel the need for it. The compliment from any guy is capable to lighten the mood and a self-assessment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team