6 bad advice for men how to behave in Tinder

6 bad advice for men how to behave in Tinder

Tinder is the application for acquaintances. Using a bad advice on the contrary, you will be able to achieve fast arrangement of attention of the girl. Exposing the big list of requirements, applying roughness in communication, a lie and concealment of information on itself, you can have fun.

Tinder is the place not for search of the partner for one night. It is more difficult to draw attention of the girl who really was pleasant to you, than in real life. It is easy to beat off desire to meet and strike up acquaintances with you.

1.      Hide information on yourself

To women all the same as the man whom it should meet looks. Do not tell about yourself anything. Let is content with the photo in a profile. You can use the picture of the brutal man instead of a real photo. Perhaps, the interlocutor will not notice substitution. It is possible to issue a few information on itself, but only to draw attention to itself. At communication use pictures with dead fish from fishing, with friends or pictures with other girls.

Do you know that women love young and rich men? What difference, how old are you – specify in the questionnaire the age minus ten years. Be photographed against the background of expensive car (come into car showroom or find it just on the street). You should not say also about where you work.

2.    Use obscene phrases and expressions in the questionnaire

It is beautiful to write about himself – a prerogative of women therefore do not mince words. It is impossible to interest the girl in romantic and beautiful phrases. Like "Fat women pass two-digit phrases, rough hints and expressions by" will allow you find the audience. The more obscene expressions, the quicker the girl will understand that you the real man.

3.      Increase the performance

Do you want to earn success at women? Write all without analysis and reflections. At once start active actions – invite to an appointment. If someone responds, there will be an opportunity to spend cheerful night. Do not try to find some information about future partner, girls do not love when listen to them. You remember, all of you know about women.

If it turned out to agree about a meeting with several ladies at once, appoint it with a difference in day. If suddenly evening is shaded, it will not be necessary to think how to justify oneself and speak. For increase in success fill up the girl with compliments at once. On them all are bought.

4.      Do not hide the intentions on sex on the first appointment

Let the companion foreknow that it is necessary to her. If there are any sexual preferences, can lay out at once about it information in the questionnaire of Tinder. When receiving a response once again place emphasis on them, suddenly the girl did not see. Women like to dream up, communicate on sex to the first comer too. Intimate censuses and photos will allow you to place priorities at once, to understand what to you to expect in the future.

Do you have other intentions? You are silent about them. It is possible to use a classical phrase "I for interesting communication here". Behind it it is easy "to hide" the wife, children or the stay in places of detention.

5.      Use councils the pickup guru

Many men still use services the pickup guru at acquaintance. For example, to interest the girl registered in Tinder she can write something offensive at first. One more "wise" council – to begin to communicate, interest, and then not to contact several days. Let she will be bored for a while and will worry. At communication think only of yourself, try to be cold to the possible partner. Gurus of the pickup advise and to be constantly busy.

6.      Be captious

In Tinder girls with exclusively model appearance do not sit. Get to yourself a scale from 1 to 10, analyze several photo of the woman to have an opportunity to find the real model. If the appearance does not correspond to your ideals of beauty, it is possible not to communicate. It concerns also those cases if you have to choose: to do a response or not. The man can safely write why he does not want to enter into a correspondence or to meet. Let the woman accurately realize that she has no chances.

Tinder is the place not only for fleeting acquaintances, but also a great way to get acquainted with women whom you would never dare to approach in real life. Therefore use all the opportunities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team