How to offer the girl friendship

How to offer the girl friendship

Each guy at least once in life had embarrassment at the time of the meeting with the girl which is not indifferent for it. On the one hand, so close the person who is pleasant, but on the other hand, all the same is present feeling of fear and awe. And how to suggest the girl to meet?


1. For a start try to plan accurately to yourself the purpose. After that it is necessary to follow to its achievement by decisive steps.

2. So, the object was set – to offer to the girl to meet. In order that it needs to be made, first of all, to invite object of your desire on an appointment. It is very important to show to the girl that you are sure of yourself. You speak clearly and accurately. The voice has to be equal and quiet. From how you suggest to meet, and future success of your purpose depends. If it agrees to a meeting, then it is yet not a victory but only a half put.

3. Now it is very important to think over each trifle of your first meeting. The quiet, cozy place most of all is suitable for an appointment. The restaurant or small cafe can become it. You need to be at the best to the darling. Be accurate, polite, willingly support a conversation.

4. At the first meeting try to talk on subjects, neutral for both of you. It is possible to carry novelties of cinema, music, various interesting cases from the childhood to them and also school memoirs. It is not recommended to tell on the first appointment to the girl details of a football match, uninviting for it, and also to discuss recently passable shooter game on the computer. Not each girl will estimate such ""feats"".

5. After the appointment without fail it is necessary to take the girl home. Admit to her that you liked pastime in its campaign. Hint that you hope for communication continuation.

6. It is important to note that it is not necessary to offer at once on the first appointment to the girl to meet. Everything it is necessary to give to weigh her some time, to consider. If she agrees on the second meeting, then already with full confidence it is possible to consider that it is a total victory. Now the friendship and also all consequences following from it, it is possible to offer safely. On the second appointment surely take flowers, such surprise will be very pleasant to the girl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team