About what it is possible to talk to the girl?

About what it is possible to talk to the girl?

Many timid people are lost at those moments when especially it is necessary to show ingenuity, originality and wit. Here he sits in the company, a conversation such pleasant, the girl such darling, and make laugh and entertain her others all the time, and he as a stub is silent and eyes thrashes. But only everything will end, he will go outside – at once and cool jokes come to mind, and jokes suitable are remembered, and subjects for a conversation and are restricted in the head. And where all this was when it was necessary? Even the term such is: ladder wit - in sense, you think out the wittiest answers already on a ladder, leaving. This frequent phenomenon, sometimes it passes with experience, and sometimes not.

Here from this and clearly what it is worth thinking over in advance about what it is possible to talk to the girl. Still gathering for an appointment or in the company where there will be that, only, it is worth composing several successful, the phrases suitable almost all cases, to remember a couple of jokes and to pick up an interesting subject.

Generally, the question about what to talk to the girlfriend, as a rule, does not arise: subjects go out of the head. But it then, and on the first or second appointment usually not so. If the guy is silent as a full brake, the girl can never what he is clever and creative learn.

How creatively to talk to the girl?

By the way, about creativity. Of course, it is good to surprise the girl with something, the excessive ingenuity in this direction can only frighten off it. Who knows them, these cockroaches in his head, maybe, they are aggressive. And to contact the loony to nobody not hunting: if the girl on the guy has serious types, then she twenty times will think whether to deal with him, the psychiatry is descended, and baizes about the lovely guy who after the wedding was a schizophrenic, in maiden folklore is full.

So creatively it is possible to talk to the girl, of course, but you should not go too far, perhaps.

Selecting subjects and thinking over the conversation course, it is worth holding several things in the head. First, any person likes to speak more, and about himself, favourite. However, the girl will not begin to speak about herself much at once, but in general wishes to chat for certain. Means, it is necessary to tell something about himself, and then to ask her a question and to listen that she will tell.

Secondly, all like to speak about the childhood or about children, it adjusts on frankness. Tell a case from the childhood, and the girl let will tell from the. Or it is possible to talk about younger sisters brothers, nephews and neighbour's kids. For certain at the girl is too what to tell about.

Girls love humour. Means, it is necessary to make laugh her. Amusing baize is more preferable than a joke.

How to have with the girl a heart-to-heart talk?

It is necessary to adjust it on frankness. The person likes to feel some superiority. The story about a true-life story which draws you in a little ridiculous (but surely favorable!) light or the story about an amusing bad habit (to lose hairbrushes, for example) can provoke reciprocal frankness.

Other suitable subjects: hobbies, rest, food preferences, pets, exhibitions, cinema, books. Of course, it is necessary to speak only about what though you understand a little, and then a question about what to talk to the clever girl, will not rise: the conversation anyway will be entertaining and at the level of exchange of valuable opinions.

Of course, the question emerges sooner or later how to talk to the girl about sex. But he seldom gets up on the first appointment. When its time comes, usually people already well understand each other and can speak about everything including about sex, freely. If is not present – can, time did not come yet. The guy is not ready for the long relations and meets fast to be fallen in love? Then it is better to let know it on a phase of acquaintance and if the girl did not send it far away, and continued a conversation, then, perhaps, they have in this question a full mutual understanding and – than here still to speak? And if is not present - well, it is possible to try to tell that you joked.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team