Advantages of online training to children: the management for parents

Advantages of online training to children: the management for parents

Online training means use of such tools as the Internet, computer games and applications for development in children of literacy, the account, communication and other skills. It almost for certain will become a part of experience of your child at school.

As online education looks

Online education exists in many forms. At school your child can use instruments of online training for carrying out researches, creation of content, work with other people or individual work.

Conducting a research, the child can:

  • to use websites and other online tools for more information on subjects which he studies at school, or for implementation of school projects;
  • to use the tablet or the smartphone in an excursion to find and identify birds, animals or plants;
  • to use "interactive boards" in a class for access to online information.

Creating content, the child can:

  • to do school projects with use of the software for the presentations, multimedia, such as video and musical files, and Internet resources;
  • to create the cool websites and blogs;
  • to place the ideas, opinions, feelings at cool forums or groups;
  • to create Wicky to share knowledge.

Working with other people, the child can:

  • to be involved in brain storms, projects with other students and to receive feedback from the teacher in chats in real time;
  • to cooperate with other students worldwide by means of online platforms or tools for videoconferences;
  • to be a part of the "turned" class.

Individual work allows the child to work at the speed and level.

Online education needs well trained teachers and expert technical assistance. It also needs fast Internet access and the good software. At the correct use the online training can help students:

  • to use different styles of training;
  • to develop skills of poll, the analysis and solution of problems;
  • to improve skills of communication;
  • to develop creative and presentation skills;
  • to develop more global prospects for subjects.

Online training at home

There are many ways to use tools and methods of online training of the house. Some families like to create the combined page of Facebook where each  family member can share information and photos. Other option is a family Vicki or the blog for exchange of interests and the ideas. For example, your child can load references to the favourite websites in Wicky or. He can also add an interactive photo album, video which he made, or its own reviews of movies, music and television. All these actions induce your child to write and express themselves and also allow it to develop useful technical skills. Creation of a family tree with use of online resources can stimulate the child and members of your family together to give fascinating classes. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team