Aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior

In ordinary life aggression – rather widespread phenomenon. In translation from Latin this word means attack therefore in a broad sense the aggressive behavior is the any actions of the person expressing his aspiration to attack on people around. And most often aggression has spontaneous character, acting as the investigation of a surplus of workload, bad dream or a stress. Psychologists consider similar quite a tolerance which easily is eliminated after rest and elimination of stressful factors.

Regular, heavy and often causeless surges in aggression which the person cannot control are considered as pathology. The individual who got used to splash out thus the negative emotions finally destroys the personality and mentally degrades.

Psychology of aggressive behavior

Scientists are engaged in studying aggressive behavior already for a long time. Z. Freud, E. Fromm and K. Lorentz's theories are the most known in this sphere. But modern researchers also brought a powerful scientific contribution here. Psychological theories consider aggressive behavior from four different points of view, noting that it can be qualified as trait of character; as response to external irritants; as emotional and informative process and as one of types of social behavior. For example, Freud considered that to treat aggression is useless as its existence is caused by the most human nature. It is only necessary to bring aggression level into accord with social and moral standards that it did not become destructive force neither for the individual, nor for the people surrounding it.

According to psychological researches, the level of manifestation of aggression is higher at men. Aggression attacks at men are way of expression of bright negative emotions. They can be rather rare, but very intensive. Also they are caused by the factors which are not lying on a surface, like the unsuccessful working day or the conflict with surrounding people, and the hidden reasons. In particular, many psychologists connect aggression at men with a hormonal background of an organism: than more production of testosterone – men's hormone, especially aggressive will be the person. And the aggressive behavior more at the physical level will be expressed. And for women the verbal aggression which is expressed in slopping of negative emotions on surrounding together with a stream of words is more peculiar.

How to fight against aggression of the husband?

Aggression attacks at men, especially regular and badly controllable, can become sources of problems in family. It is fraught not only with bodily injury, but also appearance of a deep psychological trauma in family members which can leave a negative mark on all their further life.

It is possible to justify somehow domestic violence, explaining the aggression reasons at men with a deep-rooted natural instinct, but it is impossible to tolerate it at all. Aggressive behavior in family – it is abnormal, and it cannot be taken for granted. It is necessary to talk to the husband quietly when he is in balanced mood and to discuss its problems. If it is felt that in family the conflict is about to happen, but it is necessary to try to switch negative energy of the husband to something safe, for example, on physical activity or sport. Every day it is necessary to find for the spouse time, to listen to his experiences, to express the care and support.

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