Alcoholism stages

Alcoholism stages

Abuse of alcoholic drinks meets everywhere. Some drink occasionally, is more often on holidays or other occasions, someone daily takes alcohol as sleeping pill or for stress relief. But there are also those who can be a long time in a condition of hard drinking. At the same time practically none of drinking are ready to recognize himself as the alcoholic. The feature of alcoholism is that even at the use of insignificant amount of alcohol there is a gradual accustoming of an organism to alcohol. Therefore the people taking alcohol can incidentally be carried to 1 stage of alcoholism which quickly and often imperceptibly for the person is replaced by alcoholism 2nd the subsequent a stage, the second and third.

In understanding of many the alcoholic is by all means the male person, but in practice women often meet severe alcohol addiction. So in what stages of development of alcoholism, including women's, their main symptoms differ?

Three stages of alcoholism

The first stage

It is an initial stage of alcoholism - the person regularly takes alcohol, at the same time in an organism the protective reflex ceases to work (as at poisoning), the quantity of drunk increases, appears the enhanced inclination to alcohol. Before alcohol intake the eyforiziruyushchy state appears, during the use of people becomes more sociable, cheerful. The hungover syndrome is absent more often, disgust for alcohol is not shown, but there are gaps at memory. Thus, the first stage of alcoholism does not give to the person the chance to realize that he is an alcoholic. In several years it is expected by inevitable transition to the following stage of alcoholism.

The second stage

It is an average stage of alcoholism, the inclination to alcohol, than in previous is shown by stronger. The comprehensive feeling of fun is replaced by irritability, frequent aggression. There is a need to help with wineache, the Hangover is painful, several days can last. There comes the mental and physical dependence on alcohol which the person can realize, but attempts to refuse remain are ineffectual more often. So in unsuccessful resistance, or at all without it there comes the 3rd stage of alcoholism.

The third stage

It is the last stage of alcoholism and the heaviest when to the person for intoxication of rather small dose of alcohol. Hard drinkings at this stage become longer. The hangover passes hard, at the same time the person feels morbidity in all body, dizziness, weakness, food causes disgust more often. On 3 stages of alcoholism often there is "delirium tremens", psychoses, manifestation of strong aggression, heart attacks, suicide cases. There is a degradation of the person as personality in whom the moral principles were once inherent. The deviant behavior develops.

Female alcoholism

One difference from men's stages is inherent in stages of female alcoholism - the addiction of the woman to alcohol develops quicker, than at men, literally in 3-5 years. However, because women are more reserved and showing pity to themselves can drink alone, or with girlfriends by misfortune diagnosis of alcoholism at early stages become is almost impossible. At the woman the alcohol intake is more often connected with an emotional state and has rather impulsive character, but fast transition to the second stage of alcoholism does not allow to realize gravity of a problem independently. The family, friends, colleagues find a disease at this stage. The resistant belief that the woman is incurable, is cardinal error and sometimes interferes with a timely initiation of treatment. It is necessary to understand that female alcoholism is treated also, as well as men's.

So, we found out that alcoholism of all of a stage has chronic character and demands obligatory treatment. Independently the person cannot stop this disease as it is not enough to refuse completely intake of alcohol, it is necessary to undergo drug treatment and the main thing to visit the psychotherapist.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team