As correctly and quickly to shell walnuts

As correctly and quickly to shell walnuts

It is more convenient to eat nuts when kernels remain whole. Besides there is a set of culinary recipes in which integral halves of kernels are required. However it not always manages to achieve at their cleaning — very often together with a shell also interiors are crushed.

We chose for you several ways how quickly to crack nuts that kernels remained whole.

Whether you know? Walnut is called also in a different way: voloshsky, royal or Greek.

Usual way

Usually nut is cracked, inserting a knife tip into a wide opening between halves and scrolling it, or striking the pointed part of a shell with the hammer that it broke up along an axis. In the absence of the hammer it is possible to use a stone. Kernels are taken by means of a knife or the pointed stick.

Minus of the first method — by means of a knife — is that sometimes skorlupk do not break up, and from one the small piece breaks away. In that case the kernel will not manage to be taken any more. Also it will be necessary to split a fruit by other method, for example, by means of the hammer.

The lack of splitting by the hammer is that without having calculated blow force, it is possible to break kernels and a shell and also partitions into small pieces.

Still many practiced in the childhood also such way of splitting of nuts: inserted them into a crack between a door jamb and a door, and then smoothly closed a door. This way, we will tell directly, it is not really good as thus it is possible to damage a door covering. Besides a part of a cover is showered on a floor and then it will be necessary to sweep away it.

Those who have strong hands easily cope with a problem of cleaning of nuts, splitting them in palms. On one fruit put in a palm so that the place of merging of a shell was parallel to their length. Then palms are crossed among themselves, at the same time stacking nuts some on another, and press down.

Important! This way needs to be made in the enameled capacity.

We use boiled water force

There is very effective way how to crack house walnuts — to place them in boiled water. Nuts fill in with very hot water at least for 10 minutes, 20-25 better. During this time the shell has to soften a little and it will be easier to be split a knife. Kernels at the same time are freely taken in the whole look. And halves of a shell can be used for production of hand-made articles. If there is no opportunity to use boiled water, then it is possible to put fruits in a brine which will also help to soften a shell and partitions. Train him from liter of water and one and a half a salt spoon. Fruits are kept in hydrochloric solution for half an hour. After that it is necessary to use a knife or a fork for splitting.

It is also possible just to wet fruits in water for three hours. The shell will be gathered moisture and will become softer.

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Nutcracker or flat-nose pliers

One more way how to clean walnuts, is use of nippers nutcrackers, especially for it intended. They inexpensive are also on sale in any supermarket or household shop. Firm fruits them break up quickly and simply. At the same time kernels practically always if not to make heavy efforts, remain whole, and the shell does not scatter in different directions. The principle of work of such nutcracker is simple — the fruit is clamped between two parts of nippers with corrugations as, for example, in flat-nose pliers. A palm handles to a characteristic crash slowly contract. Strongly you should not press as it is so possible to crush kernels together with a cover.

Whether you know? Fresh nuts are stored for nine months, in the freezer — within two years.

Less convenient way — splitting by flat-nose pliers, passatizha or a chesnokodavka.

By the best method how to clean walnut, without having damaged a kernel, the device under the name Nutcracker is. This metal adaptation which is two cast plates with deepenings which connect springs. The fruit is put between plates and pressed on them. At such method of splitting of a kernel leave whole, and the shell is not scattered in different directions.

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The warmed oven

Drying in an oven is also a good auxiliary method how to split walnut. The oven should be warmed up to the temperature of 200 °. To spread out nuts on a baking sheet and to place it in an oven for 10 minutes. After this procedure the shell will break up easier, it is enough to use the hammer or a knife. However it is necessary to manage to make it until fruits are still warm. As you already understood, nuts break up at impact on them of high temperatures better. Therefore if there is no opportunity to use an oven, fruits can be roasted in a frying pan within 20 minutes. At the same time they need to be mixed periodically. After they cool down, they can be cleaned with ease.

Also other way — influence of very cold temperatures is interesting. For this purpose nuts are placed in the freezer. The shell becomes more fragile and easily gives in to splitting.

Important! All described ways how to clean walnut from a shell, are not effective for especially firm fruits which gather from wild trees. It is possible to recognize them by appearance — they the extended form and small by the size. Between shutters there is no crack. It is possible to break such fruits only the hammer and with application of efforts.

Use of a sack

That the shell when cleaning fruits did not scatter, it is possible to place nuts in a polyethylene, fabric sack or to turn in a towel. Then to put it on a firm surface and to knock with the hammer.

And to crush kernels advise, placing them on a wooden board, and rolling a rolling pin. Before crushing they need to be fried thoroughly in an oven or in a frying pan.

Here and all list of methods of splitting of fruits of life tree available for today. We hope, they will help you to simplify process and to achieve extraction of the whole, tasty and useful kernels. Nuts are the whole well of the vitamins and minerals necessary for normal development of a human body: what is only costed by the high content of ascorbic acid which in them in eight times more, than in blackcurrant. Besides, it is very high-calorie product which 100 grams contain 654 kcal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team