As guilty behaves

As guilty behaves

In life each person at least once made mistakes. And so it happens that surrounding people suffer from these oversights. It causes strong feeling of fault before people around, especially brightly it is shown in relation to relatives. The guilty person begins to behave unnaturally, forgiveness tries to deserve.


1. Vina is obvious and hidden. If people around know about her, then the person shows her too, without hiding. And happens that made, but around do not know, and internal sense of guilt is present. The second option can be distinguished if attentively to look narrowly. The person suddenly begins to please and agree. He carries out what earlier under what pretext began to do.

2. Often guilty begins to load gifts of those to whom did harm. He as if tries to buy forgiveness. It can be small gifts, and can be rather large, it depends on a financial position of the person and also on depth of sense of responsibility. It is not necessary to perceive each gift as smoothing down of fault, but it is worth asking: "And in honor of what such things?". If the person openly tells that he just wants to please relatives, then everything is excellent. But if there is a wine, he will begin to think out the strange reasons. And on him it will become clear at once that he lies.

3. The guilty person wants to seem correct in the opinion of people around, tries to be ideal. There are even people who constantly live with this feeling. They usually are not able to refuse, always agree to help. In collectives them it is visible at once, they get all most hard work, they remain late and have most duties. It does not mean at all that the person was guilty in this workplace, most likely it has an innate sense of fault and he tries to be ideal everywhere, and many use it.

4. The act quite often weighs guilty, he can spill the beans the incident. Just it is worth bringing him to a conversation, but not serious, and having, about his life. Just listen that he tells, and most likely information about the incident somewhere will slip. "On the thief the cap burns", not for nothing in the people this proverb goes. Usually on behavior it is very strongly clear that something not so with the person.

5. If you noticed that the person has a sense of guilt, be not upset in advance. It is not necessary to think that he did something terrible, such feelings arise often even because of trifles. Delay, the missed call, the cancelled meeting can be the cause, but not a heavy event. Just talk honestly to the person, tell that you do not take offense, remove from him this cargo, and he will be grateful to you for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team