How to get acquainted online

How to get acquainted online

The increasing popularity is gained by acquaintances online. This way to get acquainted especially attracted to timid people. But in general it is universal, there is a lot of questionnaires on the similar websites, and people with absolutely different characters dream to meet the half.


1. The first that will be evident - it is your photo. All images have to show you from the best side. Do not load the pictures taken in studio as natural pictures will look much more interestingly. The more you upload them to the site, the better. And, it is desirable that they were the most various: a portrait, to the utmost, on the beach, in cold season, etc.

2. Correctly fill out the questionnaire. Usually the websites intended for acquaintances contain a huge number of questions for filling. Somewhere it is necessary to write about himself with words, to somewhere put down ticks. Provide about yourself only the most necessary information. It can be your age, short characteristic of appearance, the city where you are, it is also possible to specify the education and hobbies. Do not forget to designate the purpose of your stay on the website i.e. whom exactly you want to find, for example, only the friend or the partner in life.

3. Do not delay communication on correspondence. If you understood that it is interesting to you to communicate with the person, and to him – with you, pass to communication in real life. Otherwise too prolonged correspondence can gradually come to naught.

4. Talk to the pleasant candidate. The voice and a manner of the speech can tell a lot of things to you about the person. In certain cases you can reject not pleasant person, for example, at once if he talks a mat. But you do not hurry with conclusions. The first meeting will be able to save you from many questions. But even if you like to communicate with the elect by phone, then he should not tell about himself all. Listen more, ask questions and specify what interests you.

5. Pay special attention to the first appointment, it will be pledge of your relations in the future. The first impression is of very great importance, moreover, it is almost impossible to change it subsequently. Flirt, reasonably tell about yourself, showing at the same time sincere interest in the interlocutor.

6. In time you avoid communication. Too prolonged appointment or a conversation "about anything" will not lead to anything good. You watch that the arisen sympathy to each other did not die away. You leave at peak of interest in you of your elect. Only in this case he will wait for a new meeting with you. On average, duration of the first appointment should not exceed one and a half hours.

7. Try to create an intrigue, people are always attracted in the interlocutor by a riddle. You do not become "the read book". Tell only the most interesting and intriguing moments of your life, without mentioning at the same time sufferings. At the same time be a good listener. Besides, do not forget that everyone wants to see interest in eyes of representatives of an opposite sex.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team