As it is better to suggest to meet

As it is better to suggest to meet

Pretty often such situation meets: the guy very much liked the girl, he dreams to get acquainted with her closer, but hesitates to tell about the feelings. As a rule, it occurs because he is afraid to be refused. Or because of excessive impressionability, shyness at heart. Or just because it is low estimates own chances if the girl from higher social group, for example.


1. Do not force an event. It is possible to take, of course, courage and at once to blurt out: "Listen, you very much are pleasant to me. I dream that you became my girl. Let's meet". But chances are small. Not each girl will like such tactics. It is better to work without hurrying, gradually.

2. Try to make from first minutes of acquaintance a good impression on the girl. Your clothes have to be clean, accurate, footwear – cleaned. By itself, do not forget to take regularly a shower, to have a shave and watch purity of nails. Many guys neglect it, and it is vain. You remember, for any the decent, respecting herself girl, the accuracy and cleanliness are very important. The smell of sweat or a dirty edge under nails can at once "give up as a bad job" all your efforts.

3. Try to behave correctly. Do not use obscene or just slangy words in a conversation at all, masking them the shyness, uncertainty. Inspire in yourself: "She will not eat me, there is nothing to be afraid!" Try not to allow long, awkward pauses, you say about what is interesting not to you, and the girl. It is possible to joke, tell some cheerful story or a joke. Your task: to inspire in the girl confidence that you the polite, well-mannered, decent person in the company of whom it is interesting and pleasant to be.

4. Look after the girl beautifully, you give her flowers, show an affection, for example, open before her doors, offer a hand, going out of the bus. Try to learn what performance or band is pleasant to it, and invite to this representation. If she willingly agrees – consider what half-affairs is already made.

5. After the performance or a concert take her home. And already at doors, it is possible to tell: "I want us to be together!" If you correctly behaved and were pleasant to the girl, she almost for certain will answer in the affirmative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team