As it is polite to refuse to the guy

As it is polite to refuse to the guy

For some people to refuse to someone – the whole problem. There is an awkwardness, uncertainty in a voice, it is difficult to find suitable phrases. The impolite refusal can strongly wound the interlocutor therefore it is necessary to do it as it is possible more tactfully.


1. Choose suitable time and the place. Be guided by mood of the young man that he was not angry, angry or upset with any other incident. Your news should not become terrible. Do in time the moment when at it the raised or just good mood, and suggest to meet for a conversation.

2. Be sure of the decision. The person in love can grab any hope or a hint for possible happiness. Therefore you speak with confidence that the interlocutor did not have impression that you hesitate and it has a chance to overpersuade you.

3. Do not show pity, do not make the decision, being guided by this feeling. If you go to the person to a meeting only out of pity, soon you can change the mind again, and it is necessary to return to this conversation again. For the second time it will be more sore also to you, and your interlocutor.

4. Avoid sharp and offensive statements not to upset the young man even more. In case he begins to offend by the first you, try to calm or leave softly him. Do not perceive these words too close, it could be told on emotions and with sincere experiences.

5. Talk to the guy. Explain a situation, the feelings, tell that he is very good person, but … Add the reason for which you refuse to it. Present it as it is possible more delicately not to tread on corns of the interlocutor.

6. Transfer the relations to friendship. Emphasize its advantages, tell how his communication is interesting to you and that you could communicate just as friends. You will show these the arrangement, will allow to be near, at least as the friend.

7. Relieve the tension. Girls with excellent sense of humour can insert an appropriate joke. After that will easier talk, it will be simpler to it to accept refusal, and you will prove to be from the good party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team