As not to the really beautiful girl to draw attention of the man

As not to the really beautiful girl to draw attention of the man

The attractiveness is given by the nature to not all women. However to be pleasant to the man, it is optional to be beautiful.

What draw the attention of the man to

At acquaintance to the woman of the man first of all estimate her beauty. And at the beginning this quality is really put on the first place. However after communication moves to a new level, guys begin to understand that one beauty is not enough for creation of the relations. It is very important that the girl had high I.Q., was clever, resourceful, bright and erudite. Such ladies are capable to support a talk on different subjects therefore hardly with them it will become boring for men. Guys do not wish to see near themselves a dummy. The relations with the silly girl can be limited only to sex, but it will even be a shame to acquaint such person with friends.

Except mind, men pay attention to ability of the woman to behave correctly in society. It is very important that she was able to talk culturally, knew banal rules of etiquette and never afforded vulgarity. Guys I dream of that. that their soulmates were womanly and gentle.

Also intimate life is important for men. The soulmate has to suit completely the partner in the field of sex that the guy had not to seek entertainments elsewhere.

Than the ugly woman can hook on the man

If the girl has no beauty, it does not mean yet that she is not capable to look sexually. This quality depends not on natural appearance at all, and proceeds from within. Meeting on the street of the nice young man, the woman can look several seconds to it in eyes, turn away, and then meet it views again and favor the man a charming smile. It helps to draw to itself attention of other person.

It is very important to watch language of the body and gestures. Communicating with girls, men try to catch any hints on closer continuation of acquaintance.

Besides sexuality, you should not forget about neatness, accuracy, people pay on it special attention too.

If the unattractive woman already managed to make an impression on the man, and they entered the relations, all cards lay down in her hands. Kindness, responsiveness, care, ability to reach compromise, culinary abilities, complaisance, softness, sense of humour, ability to remain a riddle for the darling, respect for the guy - all this plays a huge role in further development of close relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team