As the man can show the sympathy

As the man can show the sympathy

Sometimes it is heavy to men to take the first step. They can exhaust the young lady hints, but not admit that she is pleasant to them. Learn to distinguish sympathy of the man not to miss the chance.


1. Sometimes the man hard openly to show the sympathy to the girl. Pay attention to how he behaves when you appear in its field of vision. The man in love begins to smarten up – runs a hand over hair, corrects sleeves, shakes off a shirt, straightens a back and pulls in a stomach. And all in order that you estimated as it is good itself(himself).

2. The guy sympathizing you will try to get as often as possible to you on eyes. At work he will appear in a smoking-room in a couple of minutes after you went down there, and then goes the same road to the subway, as you. At a party he every time will turn out near you what you did: danced, drank champagne or stirred with the girlfriend. He can not tie dialogue, but will begin to consider you stealthily.

3. Men do not like to be exchanged for trifles, but for the guy in love with you you will be case No. 1. For the sake of you he will be ready to break in the middle of the night and to go to repair your computer, will come to half an hour earlier to buy you croissants as you complained to it that overslept and did not manage to have breakfast, will help you with laboratory work to the detriment of quality of performance of own task. And at the same time will not reproach with you, what is the time and forces it spent for you.

4. The guy to whom you are pleasant can begin to copy your mimicry unconsciously. He will break eyebrows, to bite lips and to wrinkle a forehead then when it is done also by you. If you pay due attention to observation of the young man, you will be able to see it.

5. The man, not indifferent to you, will seek for contact. Wishing to draw your attention, he will not just call to you, and will touch a shoulder or a forearm. He will not tell that you have on a cheek a crumb, and itself will move away her, will fill the beaten-out lock of hair for an ear, will try to grab together with you the same cookies, at the same time will touch your hand, and will hold you under an elbow on a ladder that you did not fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team