How not to fall in love with married

How not to fall in love with married

The relations with the married man can seem romantic and beautiful, but only initially. Then inevitably there will be sincere experiences – or you will suffer because remained thrown or because broke family.


1. For a minute imagine possible succession of events. He will present you with care and tenderness as with you he will receive what, probably, is not enough for it in the family. But sooner or later these relations will lead to misunderstanding, each of beloveds of the married man "will draw a blanket on herself", and, so to become more exacting. And the man, most likely, will prefer to get rid of one of you. It is quite probable that thrown there will be a mistress as you with him will not be connected by no obligations.

2. That it did not occur, stop thoughts of it even before emergence of the real feeling. Try to focus on its negative qualities. Remember all details. Perhaps, he puts too much gel on hair or it silly extends the person when he is surprised? Even these insignificant trifles will help you to look at a desire object "more soberly". For bigger effect list the positive traits of character and delights of nature. You hold the turned-out imbalance in the head more often, and your interest in it will gradually come to naught.

3. Take all the time that in it there was no free space for thoughts of the married man. It is useful to steep in work or to take care of the own life and a favourite hobby. It will help to distract, and perhaps and will become the reason of new acquaintance. Only present, you well and fruitfully worked, received a praise of the administration and a monetary bonus, then went to beauty shop or to a small travel. If you perfectly spend time, then your happy look will attract more and more interesting men.

4. Be not a hermit and you do not reproach yourself with the choice. Lyubov is unpredictable, nobody can assume in advance to whom the Cupid's arrow will get. You leave the house is better more often, you spend time in the company of friends, be not afraid to strike up new acquaintances and do not lose an optimistic spirit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team