As to the husband to leave off smoking

As to the husband to leave off smoking

The smoking husband is characterized by a constant unpleasant smell from a mouth, from hands, from clothes. If in the house there is a child, then the smell of tobacco has an adverse effect on his health. And over the years the smoking men get the whole bunch of the diseases characteristic of the smoker. The loving woman has to try not force it to leave off smoking, but also will help it with it.


1. Create strong desire to fight against smoking at the husband. Tell it that you are pushed away by a smell of the smoked things, a smell, characteristic of the smoker, from a mouth. Explain to him that its addiction has negative impact not only on his health, but also on yours and also on health of children. Remind him that it is an example for the children who in the future too will begin to smoke. And surely promise to support him in fight against nicotine addiction.

2. Act not only directly. Ask friends of the husband, his parents, sisters and brothers, the parents to convince your spouse of need to leave off smoking. They will surely support you and will try to make the contribution to improvement of health of your husband. Besides, council of his friend or relative can be more effective, than your efforts and arrangements. Friends and relatives ask not to smoke in the presence of the husband any more.

3. In your actions there should not be threats, notations, cavils. It can result in absolutely other result – to hostility between you. Try to strengthen his belief that it is capable to overcome thirst for tobacco. The dependence on nicotine is strong both physically, and psychologically. Process of refusal of smoking is painful and difficult. Constantly motivate it, support, help.

4. Whenever possible, suggest it to be engaged in common in something that is incompatible with smoking. To run in the mornings, to ride a bike, to float, play tennis. Encourage it in case it is able to last long without cigarette. If breaks and will light, do not criticize and do not enter the open conflict. Try not to focus attention on it, but to motivate it to continue attempts to leave off smoking.

5. In the first days and weeks after refusal of smoking your husband will be very needs your support. Not only moral, but also material. Undertake some of its obligations for housekeeping. You understand his irritable mood. Refuse most some unnecessary habits. This you will show it that too you wish to change together with it for the better. In a week and in a month of abstention from smoking give the husband a gift, organize a celebration, you go with it to cafe or restaurant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team