Bad relations with the stepfather: how to solve a problem

Bad relations with the stepfather: how to solve a problem

Many, already former in marriage, people cannot start new families, arrange private life because of the children. Facing such problem, mothers just prefer to sacrifice themselves, than to clash with the person closest to it – the child. And to clash and it is not necessary, it is worth looking at this problem with the child's eyes. To understand him and to help with such difficult situation.


1. If mother declared that in her life the new man appeared, it is not necessary to make row at once, refusing to take all telling arguments into account. For a start calm down, consider all situation how to take something positive from change of family composition. Now in the house there will be a man who will undertake all most complex problems: financial and material security of family members, physical activity, etc. Mother will become kinder and more free from the fact that all problems in the apartment are not charged her, will be quieter and counterbalanced. Means, she will begin to look at many difficulties of the children another, more adequate, a look.

2. You should not put a negative barrier at once before the person who takes the place of the father in family. Clever mother, and the stepfather, will not begin to force children to call the new family member "father", to implicitly fulfill all his requirements and to get used to all his habits. And if the relations with the father are not broken off, they just have to proceed, communication and periodic meetings, and even temporary residence in his family, will bring only positive feelings and emotions. The stepfather will remain the stepfather, and the father – the father. There is the main condition which the divorced parents have to execute.

3. Try not to clash with the stepfather, to help him about the house, to show to him minutes of attention, to communicate, find common interests. It is difficult to make it, but sometimes new friends do not become worse than old. It is not necessary to be afraid of the fact that the new mother's husband hates children, everything will take away from her or will begin to offend her. Children is little detectives who not worse than adults can scan the person on positive and negative lines. And if the stepfather appears the good person, and can make mother happier (and even all family, it now – full), meet requirements of adults, do not show hysterical "I do not want", "I will not be" only because the uncle others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team