Bipolar depression

Bipolar depression

Many people are inclined to trifle with a long depression and chronic stresses. And these states can lead to extremely serious consequences, including to a bipolar depression.

What is represented by bipolar disorder and a depression?

This mental disease is known also under the name a maniacal depression. The sick person gradually loses touch with reality, ceases to perceive adequately it that in general looks as obsession. If in time not to help him, with probability to 50% he will try to commit suicide. The most terrible that from emergence of frustration nobody is insured: both men, and women are subject to a disease, the age of patients fluctuates from 15 to 50-60 years. By itself this disease never passes.

Symptoms of a bipolar depression:

  • cheerfulness unusual for the person and social activity, on the verge of a mania;
  • painful fussiness, fieriness, constant concern;
  • unexpectedly appeared verboseness;
  • lack of purposeful, productive activity;
  • decrease in duration of a dream till 2-3 o'clock in day;
  • memory blackouts;
  • the block and oppressed mood which are cyclically succeeding former euphoria;
  • insomnia;
  • lack of appetite;
  • constant alarm, publication of the crazy ideas and plans, morbid depression;
  • emergence of suicide thoughts.

Treatment of a bipolar depression

Completely it is not possible to save the person from this frustration. With it it is necessary to live further. To the patient the complex therapy including medicamentous methods, psychiatric sessions including family is usually appointed. Relatives need to show patience and to try to give all to the patient support that is very important for normalization of his state, especially during the periods of sharp phases.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team